I buy and sell guilds

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12/15/2011 04:10 PMPosted by Goldgoblin
He gets my vote. I sold a level 14 guild to Lickwidator for a nice price and a friend of mine purchased a lvl 23 guild from him for a deal. You see him spamming trade alot and he is legit. Thanks dude!

Just curious, for how much lvl 23 guilds going for these days?
i was kicking around the idea of getting a moderately leveled guild on horde side? looking for 10+ hit me up with some info lets see if we can work something out?
If you get any level 21-25 Guilds you should send me endgame mail ill Buy it if good price!
Sold today was offered a fair price for its level was fast, smooth and friendly. Even offered us a vent to use to discuss finalization. Would gladly sell or buy again.
Thank you for all the positive comments. Currently i have a lvl 25 and 24 guild for sale. send me an ingame mail if you are interested.

Thanks, Lickwidator
the 25 and 24 are sold but i still have a lvl 13 and will post when i get some more
Anything on Horde Side?
looking for a decent level guild have 25k for one
If you have any level 20+ guilds for sale, simply add my real ID mr_akil@live.co.uk i cannot send you ingame mail seeing i am on a diff server. thank you
currently i have a lvl 13 guild for sale with 7 tabs, if you are interested send me an ingame mail

I Just completed a purchase for this Lvl 13 guild. The seller, Lickwidator was very courteous and professional throughout the sales process. He offered a vent to introduce himself and to outline and execute the sale. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to purchase a guild.

Thank you for the wonderful feedback Sanguine. It was a pleasure to do buisness with you.
Come horde side I know I can sell @ least one, 5 or 6 tabs filled to tha brim, glyphs and stacks of goods.
WTB lvl 25 guild (tabs dont matter)

Looking for guild with perks such as flasks/feasts/guild mount preffer but not required.
I am very serious about my buy. Sent you in game mail 2 weeks ago got no reply.

Let me know if you have lvl 25 guild for sale. Ready to buy one asap. Thx
this is an awesome thread lol

someone reported it btw so it will prolly get taken down :( wish all servers had a guy liek you though
1. why would someone report something that's legal?
2. how do you know that someone reported it?
3. There's nothing wrong with this thread.
I am looking for a lvl 2 guild. Do you have a guild that low for sale?

I would also be in the market for a lvl 25 guild. Let me know what you have. Thank You.
For everyone that is worried about buying and selling guilds, it is completely legal with blizzards ToS. I have confirmed this with a gm to be safe and have done this as a ingame buisness for quite some time. I do incourage anyone that is concerned to open a ticket and ask a gm.

Thanks, Lickwidator

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