I buy and sell guilds

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no, dont open a ticket just to ask. that is the reason legit tickets take so long to get a response on.

people just need to mind their own god damn business for a change, you arent hurting anyone jesus christ
How much for a 25 rep guild?
And what realm?
Sorry i just deal with aliance on the stormrage server
Wtb a guild in the 30k range, please send me mail if you have anything available in this price range. thanks
WTB level 25 Guild, paying well. Contact me in-game or on this forum.
Looking to buy anything 20+. If you have anything please let me know via realid toverland1992@gmail.com Have serious offers and willing to negotiate.
Sorry been out of town for a few days, looking to pick up a couple of guilds this week for resale. If you have one for sale please send me an ingame mail.

Thanks, Lickwidator
im looking for a 15+ ill pay alot add me spencerdobbs@comcast.net
Just sold a 15 last night but i will keep an eye out for another one.
Just sold to him -- great offer, totally legit, very professional with the transaction. All around great player to deal with! Definitely contact him if you're interested in selling.
Aedel, thank you for the great comment and sale, it was a pleasure to do buisness with you
Just sold 2 more guilds to happy customers. Now i need some to buy. Pleas send me ingame mail if you have one.

Thanks, Lickwidator
Just sold 2 more guilds to happy customers. Now i need some to buy. Pleas send me ingame mail if you have one.

Thanks, Lickwidator

Why bother if you don't reply on your in game emails. I, personally sent you 2 in-game mails you never answered them. Talking about customer service....
Allexxa I appoligize. I often get alot of in game mails that do not apply to the level of guilds that I purchase. In game I always say that I am looking for guilds level 15-25 to buy but I belive I forgot to mention it here in the forums. Also I do get alot of people looking for guilds I have already sold and therefor I don't always have time to respond. I am sorry to anyone I was not able to respond too and I will try to respond to the mails as fast as I can in the Future.

Thanks, Lickwidator
You must have more gold then you could ever know what to do with. Are you preparing for the WoW economic depression?
Hello' i'm looking to buy a lvl 10-15 guild.
Hook me up in game, Thanks
ill buy something with bountiful bags perk, !@#$ is way too cash to go without
Just buying right now, as soon as i have something avail i will post.

Thanks, Lickwidator
WTB a lvl 15 or higher Alliance guild at the server Stormrage. Please send me a in game mail at this character. Satoshy @ Baelgun. Thanks.

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