I buy and sell guilds

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Hey lickwid i am looking for a level 6 guild to purchase. mail me in game on Chandan, Jannari, Cybrel, or Slaté (0233)
Chandan, i'm sorry but i really only deal in guilds 15-25, but if one comes up i will let u know
Sold a level 16 guild to Lick tonight! Very fast, very easy sale! Would sell again in a heartbeat.
im interested in getting a guild around lvl 15+ will pst you on your server.
currently i have a 16(almost 17) and a 19
forsaleby, contact me ingame and we can talk.

thanks, lickwidator
Bought a guild today. Very easy and smooth. Very trustworthy
Thanks again
hey man do you have any guilds available?
crash, currently all i have is the 16 almost lvl 17 guild
how much is it going for? i sent u ingame mail with my real id
currently out of guilds for sale, looking for guilds to buy between lvl 20 and lvl 25
considering moving one over here from one of my alts if the price is right. Probably one of the better ones you will get sell achievement wise, anyway its level 25 with 1530 achievement points if interested reply back and ill try and get a time where u can come on my server and see the guild for yourself.
sure master, just let me know a time we can talk
04/28/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Lickwidator
sure master, just let me know a time we can talk

im online right now
master i need to know what toon and realm u are on?
currently i do have a lvl 18 for sale
18 is sold, fyi
Got any level 10 to 15 guilds for sale? How much do you charge for guilds of that level
Lickwidator, whisper me when you get online. thanks

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