I buy and sell guilds

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I have a lvl 13guild I am looking to sell. Its on stormrage and my toon is the same name as here. Armory is just slow at updating
Looking to buy a lvl 25 guild if anyone knows any for sale at the moment, please send ingame mail to Zerotolernce. Thanks
I am transferring one of my mains to Stormrage in a week. Would you have lvl 25 guild for sale? I am looking for a basic lvl 25 guild, don't need those expensive achievements (pets, recipe unlocks etc.). I am willing to pay 200k.
Was wondering if you've returned to the "real estate" business?!? I have a small group of people here on Stormrage looking to buy a level 20-25 guild.

We had one lined up, spent weeks getting everything/everyone together... transferred... Then, AFTER we all transferred and paid our monies and spent weeks of working to orchestrate everything, the person who "helped" by forking over the gold (70k for a l25 guild!), decided to keep the guild for herself... thus screwing everyone's plans up and now there's a trust issue since she went back on her word...

SO! Here we are - guildless and alot poorer!!! Now we are farming up gold left and right and looking for a new home, preferably in the level 20-25 range.

Let me know... Slímshady (alt161 for the " í ") or Frostpimp on Stormrage.

Thanks a ton!
I will be on your server by Tuesday and I will be selling a lvl 25 guild by early next week. I had to change the gm to my alt so I have to wait 7 days. I will be going alliance and I will have the same name.
Sorry guys, I know I have been away for a while but just to give an update. I plan on going back into full force once MOP is out, untill then the market is pretty crazy right now. I would still be interested in buying guilds but because of the volativity of the market my offer might not be as high as it once was. In the mean time if you have a guild for sale please post in the forum and tell me a good time to get ahold of you. Looking forward to helping ppl out again soon. You can always contact me ingame via pst or mail.

Thanks, Lickwidator
WTB a lvl 20-24 lvl guild on stormrage. Send me an in-game mail if you have any. My ö is (alt+148). Trying to find one before MoP.
As of the last couple of days there has been an influx of guilds that used the bug (exploit) to level their guilds from lvl 1 to 25 in a matter of hours for sale. I believe these guilds will be deleted by blizzard due to a violation of blizards ToS. Untill blizzard has made a blue post on what the outcome of these "bugged" guilds is to be I will not buy or sell to my customers and risk my good name on the chance that these guilds could be deleted by blizzard. I have a 100% feedback from my sales and wish to continue to protect my customers. As soon as I hear what blizzard plans to do I will post in my forum my intentions. Untill then please know that my guilds I sell are 100% legit.

Thanks, Lickwidator
I have a legit lvl 25 guild for sale, I will send you a message ingame later.
Lick, I would like to buy a guild when you get back into it. I have 59k up for it so let me know level, tabs, and your asking price. Send me in-game mail whenever. the E is alt+0233(é)
Just sold him a level 25 guild, very smooth transaction,great price thanks a lot man!
Sisterlez, thank you for the great feedback. I am always happy to have satisfied customers.

Thanks, Lickwidator
Lickwidator is not only very professional but has no problems in abiding by certain terms of a guild sale..my own guild after 1 full year of pushing grinding and stomping the living hell out of stormrage fell apart within 24 hours...GM was transferred to me and i just happened to see lickwid online..he gave me a fair price passing his own initial quote and payed gold before the guild was handed over..thank you very much. DO NOT do guild Transactions with anybody else..its just not worth it.....
Thanks again for the great feedback. Glad to see you were happy with the sale.
Currently the lickwidator has 2 level 25 guilds for sale. If you are interested please contact me in game via a whisper or mail. You can also post here and i will try and get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks, Lickwidator
Hey I just did a deal with him today, did a great job, nice quick sell.
Lickwidator, was very professional and gave a fair price, thanks for the deal.
Dude... You Rock... Professional Service with a smile... another satisfied customer...
Currently I have a level 25 guild with 7 tabs and even has a current roster of active players if you want. I am looking for 135k for the guild. If you are interested post here or send me an in game mail.

Thanks, Lickwidator
Same guild but i just dropped the price to 100k. First person with gold gets it

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