4.3 Patch Release and Maintenance - 11/29

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Would like to see a trailer for this patch!

Also, a confirmed patch release date for once. This is...surprising, to be honest.

But a pleasant one!
i have too many 85's to VP cap by tomorrow... but regardless im happy its finally here
Do Karazhan to get the last piece for transmog, or immediately get started on the new heroics? Decisions, decisions...
I think i'll just wait tell tuesday night. That why I know the servers are WORKING a okay
Comepletly off topic but this level 16 Tauren Shaman is my favorite toon ever. Why? Because HealBot made healing fun! WOOT!! SHAMMY HEALS IS FUN
YES. t(^-^t)

I'm assuming no trailer at this point.
20 bucks it doesn't come up until after 6:00PM PST. Take your bets now.
So where's the patch trailer? Can't wait to see it.
where is patch 4.3 final notes ?

11/28/2011 07:05 PMPosted by Åum
20 bucks it doesn't come up until after 6:00PM PST. Take your bets now.
It's already past 6 PM PST.
I see that the free blow-jobs developers keep giving DKs remains unabated. All buffs, no penalties whereas - in keeping with the theme - paladins get the shaft yet again. Pallys were finally able to be a viable arena/BG class, and now are nerfed to the back row so DKs can be even more OP.

Time to consider dropping WoW that's for sure.
Hallelujah no more god damn troll dungeons.
11/28/2011 07:13 PMPosted by Ragnerock
And I'mma be home sick tomorrow. No WoW until late D:
servers will be down all day anyway
Yay! I get my new mount! Gratz to all who are getting it aswell d-(^_^)z
4k honor/justice cap

Im Ready for season 12!

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