4.3 Patch Release and Maintenance - 11/29

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Holy crap, they announced a patch release date. Less than 24 hours in advance, but still.

No more ugly gear! A parklepony to ride instead of those ugly wyverns! No more need to deal with elitist raid leaders!

If you read the announcement closely, they merely state that they are doing maintenance tomorrow for the 4.3 patch, not that that's when they're releasing the patch... ;D (The title obviates that point, of course)
in b4 I'm not the only sneaky man in a dress.
well considering how well 4.2 came and on time I doubt there will be any they have been testing this patch for awhile now

Also here comes the tears as I cry over not being able to wear my mask for transmog :(
Ah, excellent. I've cleared tomorrow of all dates so I can sit back, stare at my computer, grunt occasionally, while fruitlessly trying to log in. First at all, and then to my realm, and then to my character.

See you guys next week.
Thank gawd colors other then red!
This is how they will announce the Diablo III release. The day before it comes out.
Hooray! :D
....excitement abounds!!!

..yet... I'm sure we'll still see floods of "Y U TAKE SERVA DOWN ON A TUESDAY! I CAN'T PLAY!"


etc etc.

Thank you! :D

Heck yes!! I can't wait for Lich King 2.0 and by an act of god... even worse PvP!!!
Goodbye, fire-themed gear. We've had some fun, you and I. Maybe I'll even transmog to you one day.

But it is not this day.
damn was hoping on getting my tier shoulders before it came out, guess i lucked out, cant wait to be wearing t13
Thank god...no more "when is 4.3" threads....We now return you to your regularly scheduled forum waste.

It's nice to have a Euro account as well...when US is down, I go there...
nooooo, I like my 1 day raid week :( :(
Time to finally play with some real fire now that 4.3 drops ;D

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