4.3 Patch Release and Maintenance - 11/29

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So looking forward to this!
Revelations is real good :D
11/28/2011 05:33 PMPosted by Cadenbrie
Still no trailer.
My hard drive crashed over the weekend, and I lost everything because my backups failed. Now you're telling me I have to download 4.3 after I just got the client redownloaded?

... I'm kidding :) About the rage. The hard drive and backup failure really did happen :( But I had everything BUT WoW backed up in multiple places, so nothing important was lost.

Anyway, can't wait for 4.3! :D
whars mah trailer for 4.3? much <3 bash :)
Very Nice, thank you for the notice.
is the new talent calculator coming out tomorrow as well?
Yeay! I'll have to fire up this laptop so I can let it download while I am at work!
Hell yeah

I haven't even finished my transmog set for any of my lovely ladies! Dx

I dunno if I should be happy or cry, because I -so- was not ready for this. ^^;
You make me 'luls'
Oh hey, I can level in NR again. :D
Thank. You. So. Much. <333333333333333333333333
Spend a beautiful week away from game and I come home to the new patch? THANK YOU!
Let Deathwings death be swift and brutal! Justice will be ours!

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