4.3 Patch Release and Maintenance - 11/29

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Oh, yeah!!! I can't wait to get my gear transmogged!
OMG so excited I hope the raid finder goes well im so excited
new fair awsome
transmog set is ready to go

......................comes to
A trailer would of been a nice touch.
Blizzard sharing information with their customer base?! Preposterous! Now if we can get them to make it TIMELY announcements, it'll be like they value their customers ;-)
Yay :D
PT-BR pack finally XD
11/28/2011 06:03 PMPosted by Quinnmalory
A trailer would of been a nice touch.
who cares about a trailer? just play the game
Yay So Excited!
I just hope that it wasn't rushed.
trailer?? I WANTS MY TRAILER!!
11/28/2011 06:04 PMPosted by Fenom
A trailer would of been a nice touch.
who cares about a trailer? just play the game

I am pretty sure I have the right to state my opinion. And, yes I will be playing the game I didn't say I wont.
I don't know if i missed the answer to this but did they mention anything about the 10th slot on the archaeology page?
Still no word on that there trailer..............

That is disconcerting.
YES. I had a gut feeling about this. So excited for transmog and Darkmoon Faire! :D
Four thumbs up :D
11/28/2011 04:45 PMPosted by Armature
But i haven't finished my transmog set! >:C

This times four. The farming has not gone well!
I cant wait for this 4.3, can join the raid finally. I mean Raid Finder, nvr raid ever since. Looking forward.
I'm def excited to hear that 4.3 will be released but the question stands as if the release will go or will it be to buggy as with the ptr? ervery Patch release has always been pushed back due to errors or bug fixes that did not get taking are of. I'm hoping and will be happy, no beyond excited if the release goes without a hitch. You guys have been great with what you have done since step one with the game and hope to see much much more of your wonderful work.

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