Level 60 gear not useable for transmog!!!!!

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That's just... I... just...

That is facepalm material, Blizzard. Complete, utter, facepalm.

This gear has long since become obsolete. How does it make any bloody sense to restrict it in such a manner, for a system introduced to make our characters look how we want?
I for one feel that this is not only shortsighted and unfair, but a show of abysmally poor cognitive reasoning skills on whatever maggot that crawled into Blizzard management that decided this was a semi-intelligent course of action. It has been stated time and time again that WoW's current subscribership is comprised of mostly players that didn't start until well after Classic, and even then only a small portion of those players would have the titles necessary for the gear. While one could argue that this is designed to be a status symbol, the shift of design in Wrath to more accessible content seems to point to a philosophy of greater opportunity, not zero in the case of the Grand Marshal/High Warlord gear.

In short, this is retarded.
<I posted this here because I noticed I'd posted in another extraneous thread>
Completely and utterly stupid and whats worse is this is a effin surprise that wasn't mentioned AT ALL B4
Well, my hunter got to area 52 and with her FoS of Commander she can buy the GM set (something not right there), so I can be happy and head off to transmog.

But this doesn't change my last post, please allow this for all, not just us with the FoS, So many people want this, the chance to see battlegrounds filled with like minded players, sporting this gear, supporting their faction is too good an opportunity to miss, please don't!!!

The design intent with the Feat of Strength achievement requirement was specifically to limit these particular art styles to players who earned them through the OG (and relentlessly difficult) PvP honor system, while keeping the door open to reward them to more people in the future.

See, this would make sense, except:

1) People have been able to buy that gear with honor points for years now. There's no point in disallowing transmogrification when you own and can equip the original gear anyway.

2) Blizzard has already made available the thing that really mattered and really distinguished players who grinded out the old PvP system, namely the titles.

This surprise new transmog rule misses the point, IMO.
The worst part of this seems to be the small simple fact that Blizzard KNEW how this was going to work and didn't bother to say one thing about it until now.

Funny, but that is how SWG lost so many subscriptions the day they announced the NGE after everyone bought an expansion...
11/29/2011 04:25 PMPosted by Bashiok
So we can't use our gear we currently own, and have to wait for identical gear to be implemented..

Right, since we can't determine when the gear was purchased it's necessary to buy the new gear that is already implemented, should you have the required FoS.

This is beyond stupid. I haven't seen ideas this stupid from people that were trying to think up stupid ideas.
This is absolutely ridiculous. Terrible design, terrible PR, terrible idea, terrible team. What a dissapointment, what an utter insult to the player base. Thanks for the frustration and aggrivation.

I just recently came back to the game, i'm now thinking of going again. Definitely not thinking about buying the pass anymore!!
I guess Grand Marshal rank I earned in 2005 wasn't in vain.

I do see level 60-65's running around with GM gear but they don't have the rank? Makes no sense.

Sad to say but that was one of the most appealing items of this patch. The ability to use classic PvP armor and weapons.

Good thing I still have my tier 2.5!
Maybe if we break enough thread caps they might get the hint that they dropped the ball, promote this thread folks lets break some forums thread caps
I had no problems transmogging level 60 gear.
I call for a barrage of continuous (but hopefully civil and constructive) criticism of this brainless decision. I still have faith that if Blizzard can come to see just how terrible a mistake they have made then they can and will rectify it.
Swinging my Grand Marshal's Battle Hammer into battle was the no.1 thing I was looking forward to this patch
I have to say that this is bull!@#$. 9/10 of my players transmog sets were the 60 gear. I wasn't here for vanilla, so I can't have the requirement. If this is the case, the raid gear should be blocked in a similar fashion. I won't be sticking around if this isn't changed.
OK so my horde paladin that didnt exist back in Vannila (and therefore the horde pali gear did not exist either) cannot use the LvL 60 gear because the FoS ddnt exist in BC.

Could some one please explain this one two me
11/29/2011 04:58 PMPosted by Amerika
I had no problems transmogging level 60 gear.

Its the level 60 pvp items, not all 60 items.
11/29/2011 04:59 PMPosted by Naphula
They said there's going to be replica gear available in the future. Chill out.

I think half the people in this thread would... If it didn't require a title that hadn't been obtainable since Classic.

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