Level 60 gear not useable for transmog!!!!!

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I am having trouble understanding why this restriction is in place, even after reading through this whole thread.

Why are these pieces being restricted, but the other tiers of PvP gear and raid tiers are not? it seems utterly and completely illogical.
Shouldn't Blizz be happy they made something everybody likes.

BTW I dont think the armory is updating. Tried to check some friends earlier. I guess with everybody updating their armor it's not keeping up and might need a few days.
11/29/2011 05:23 PMPosted by Apriline
So because I have a feat of strength I should get special treatment, all the people who didn't quest for their Charger's should get new shoddy looking ones for only I deserve to ride this golden plated beauty.

This is why you can't take a freaking word Blizzard says as truth anymore. They've been going on and on for ages now about how they will no longer remove raid titles and mounts and other special tidbits just because they've become easier to obtain.

They say the players will still have their achievements and the like to show when they accomplished it.

Then we have this issue with the PVP gear which is a complete turn around on their stance yet again.

Simply ridiculous.
Blizzard should be able to be sued for such a thing. They lied. They already announced restrictions. They misled people and allowed them to waste time getting this gear, only to announce now that it cannot be used.

Not to mention that it is profoundly stupid to restrict it anyway, for all the reasons that everyone is mentioning. People with the original FoS have their unique titles.

I rarely post, but this issue will make me rage endlessly.
The items out in the world (Marshals, Grand Marshal’s, High Warlord, etc) that use the level 60 PvP art are un-transmogrifiable (including the item level 115 stuff that shares the name from Burning Crusade).

In Area 52 a set of vendors has replaced the PvP Vendors who used to live there. Grex Brainboiler, Krixel Pinchwhistle, Tini Smalls, Kezzik the Striker, Big Zokk Torquewrench, and Leeni “Smiley” Smalls. These vendors sell new, transmogrifiable versions of the classic armor to players who have the Feat of Strength for Legionnaire/Knight-Captain or higher under the old PvP system.

There was a bug with the Feat of Strength granting access to these items, but was hotfixed within the last couple of minutes. If you meet the criteria log out and back in and you should be able to access the vendor.

The design intent with the Feat of Strength achievement requirement was specifically to limit these particular art styles to players who earned them through the OG (and relentlessly difficult) PvP honor system, while keeping the door open to reward them to more people in the future.

In a future patch the items sold by the Area 52 vendors will also be renamed ‘Replica of’ to be more consistent with the items sold by the Darkmoon Faire – they’re currently exact duplicates of the original items that allow transmogrification, which is obviously a bit confusing.

Potentially related, since he’s in the same area, Kezzik the Striker sells inaccessible Season 1 Gladiator’s, Season 2 Merciless Gladiator’s, and Season 3 Vengeful Gladiator’s gear to all players, as the majority of that gear didn’t have restrictions.

Pfff, what trash.

Why not make MC gear un-transmogrifiable if the player didn't earn it while he was level 60? Great job ruining a fun feature.
11/29/2011 05:31 PMPosted by Juntores
Locking out these people now from fully utilizing this gear, their gear; it ain't right.

Especially when they hid it from us, especially when we can USE the gear but yet can't use it a couple of levels later... I don't get it.
While I'm thrilled I made the cut-off, I've got some words to type.

There was thread after thread about this on the PTR. No response about it until now. Come on, Blizz.

Secondly, don't take it upon yourselves to exclude the good folk in this thread by invoking my name or on my behalf. My ego is under no delusions about the Olde Tyme honor system. Relentlessly difficult? I heartily disagree. My rank was obtained merely by persistence. Even the "uh oh, better hit dispel" boss encounters of Molten Core required more of me than getting Trinket/PoM/Pyro'd in WSG, and certainly as much persistence considering there were several people to roll against, and assuming the gear even dropped that week. Yet tier 1 has no restrictions.

If I ever thought that people were going to worship me like a god because I PvP'd 6 years ago, I've got a title I can flash around. These people spent real time in battlegrounds getting the points necessary to buy this gear. If you didn't want just anybody grabbing this gear then it should have disappeared from vendors in November 2006.

Locking out these people now from fully utilizing this gear, their gear; it ain't right.

Thanks for your input, "Knight-Champion" Juntores.
By this logic, no one has the right to wear tier 1 and 2 if they acquired it post BC launch.

When are you going to implement that restriction, Blizzard? I worked hard for my tier sets (before I vendored them) and I don't appreciate the BC-Cata kiddies coming in and being able to wear what I worked SO HARD for.
11/29/2011 04:26 PMPosted by Jertzul
WHAT? So my toons from this account, which didn't exist in vanilla are not aloud to transmog items that they EARNED and already OWN? Where in gods name does this come from? Why in all that is holy(Priests and pallys that is) did this type of restriction even come to pass?!

You might have earned the right to wear level 60 gear. You didn't earn the right to call yourself a High Warlord and so you shouldn't have the right to look like one at Level 85. It's bad enough that you "earned" your staff in a few minutes of TB or a few games of WSG.
As someone with a Legionnaire AND a Knight-Captain among my ranks I'm finding it impossible not to feel a bit smug about this. Why not throw a bone to old timers who put in some elbow grease oh so many years ago, especially when the bone is PURELY COSMETIC?

It doesn't work when that "purely cosmetic" was the entire bloody point of transmogrification in the first place. You already got the bone in the form of a feat of strength and a title you could use for years, a title that Blizzard decided to make available to more people because the old system sucked eggs, and now... what the crap is this?

Like I said earlier. Does it make sense to put this restriction on each tier, then? Each dungeon blue? Each season? Each green?
11/29/2011 05:23 PMPosted by Yeria

Not that i'm for the idea blizz has come up with this (im only a knight-lt damn it!) but the ability to transmog your gear doenst affect its stats or bonus', so it isnt game impacting.

A game is meant for fun.

This tool was added for fun.

This retarded restriction is anti-fun.

So yes, it's game-impacting.

You could apply the same ideal to practically anything, so your attempt at using premises to come to a conclusion through reasoning fails.
Well this is completely retarded on every conceivable level. Although I did get blood guard on my druid but I'm not sure what that entitles that character too, but I want the 60 pvp gear on my mage :( Mage was created after they removed all the old titles :(


I fail to see why earning the level 60 gear during Vanilla should be a requirement for transmogrification. You guys made the gear more accessible in Burning Crusade after all. You didn't say "ok if you didn't earn it by now you're SOL."

In general I'm pretty against things being removed for players who didn't get them while they were "relevant" and this seems like a pretty random restriction to me.
I appreciate that Blizz chose to honor the old pvpers and the rank grind that it used to be. While I can't transmogrify the old level 60 gear on some of my toons, my older ones who participated in the rank grind I can. They said it was only for the initial roll outs. I see it as a /salute to the old pvpers and what we had to go through!

Thank you Blizz =)
11/29/2011 05:19 PMPosted by Liedel
But if players have the gear already, not letting them wear it now, just isn't right.

You can wear it all you like. You just cannot transmogrify it.

That's the point. Congratulations, it only took you 17 pages to figure it out.
11/29/2011 05:26 PMPosted by Miniwheats
I'm not at all against the players with the old high-end PvP ranks getting something visually unique to display. I'm just baffled why it's xmog skins from very common gear that many people (not myself) were hoping to use. This all seems a bit arbitrary and inconsistent, especially considering that there's no corresponding benefit for hardcore raiders of yore.

It's not unlike checking to see what your completion dates were for BWL and if it wasn't from the day that achievements were added, you can't use any of the T2 items, or if you didn't complete Sunwell during BC none of the items that dropped there were elligible. T7? Not if you didn't do complete it before Ulduar was released. T10? Only if you did it before Cata went live. T11? Well not if you didn't complete those raids before Firelands came out. Oh but you like T12? Hope you downed Ragnaros before Dragon Soul or the joke's on you!

This decision isn't just stupid, it's effing moronic beyond words; a bait and switch of biblical proportions. Jesus? No sorry, he was actually the devil ****ing with you...again.
I don't know, I'm happy there's finally a way to show off that you've been here since the beginning. We had our titles, but then they were stripped of their veteran status with this expansion.
By the way, there are like eight complainers in here just being very vocal.

I don't know, I'm happy there's finally a way to show off that you've been here since the beginning. We had our titles, but then they were stripped of their veteran status with this expansion.

Grats :D
11/29/2011 05:34 PMPosted by Pun
You could apply the same ideal to practically anything, so your attempt at using premises to come to a conclusion through reasoning fails.

The point was that it goes against the entire purpose for which this was added in the first place. This is meant for us to use old gear that we liked the look of. They encouraged us to go dig around for old gear that's now valued only for its looks. And here we have this one, mega-popular set that so many like, and they go "NOPE THIS OLD OBSOLETE GEAR IS FOR SPECIAL PEOPLE WHO ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING IN AN ARCHAIC PVP SYSTEM THAT WE ADMITTED OURSELVES SUCKED".

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