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Are you serious. How is it not Blizzards fault dude. IT HAPPENED AFTER BLIZZARD RELEASED 4.3. It wasn't happening before. It clearly is Blizzards fault, they released a patch where all Mac Users are literally getting a !@#$ ton of lag. I T I S B L I Z Z A R D S F A U LT .

Because you have so far posted no proof.

But that's not what we're saying here. We're saying the 0/0 latency display issue isn't connected to the lag issue.

This thread is about a display issue to do with the latency meter NOT about 4.3 Lag. Every Mac User I've talked to about it get the same thing - 0 for world and 0 for home.

Please post if you will in the thread Omegal provided.

Again I get the 0/0 latency display issue as well. I've done several dungeons as well as porting to many locations (I'm a mage).

I'm not seeing increased Lag at all. I used to play with 1k + lag here in NZ so I'm very aware of what it feels like.

Now if it were Blizzard's fault I would be lagging , Omegal would be lagging as well as Tony when he tries at home. There's no way people would be quiet about it these forums would be flooded with complaints if so.

For example when the login servers go down which is legitimately a Blizzard problem at their end the forums go absolutely crazy. The mac tech support forums aren't at that level of craziness yes :)

But don't take all this the wrong way - there could be an issue. But the problem is it will be separate from the 0/0 display issue so we will need your information posted in the correct place in order to help you.
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12/09/2011 10:17 PMPosted by Vanns
And the proof you need is to legit get on your mac and notice the difference like all of us have

I have. I'm at work so can't now but I have been playing since 4.3 hit. Same latency as usual from NZ.

12/09/2011 10:17 PMPosted by Vanns
JK since Omegal said that there was a separate thread for this that apparently has a crap load of ppl in it I doubt my response will be answered in a 50+ page thread then in a 6 page thread.

Those be windows users and we would prefer mac users kept it to the mac tech support forums.


No posts in there from anyone there yet.

12/09/2011 10:17 PMPosted by Vanns
It doesn't matter if you live in ASIA or the other side of the world and u are used to the latency and it seems like you do so you notice a bit faster idk

Thing is I have a internet connection that at times has dropped and has lagged out a lot. So even without a latency readout I know what it feels like.

Also Quartz will calculate it manually instead of using GetNetStats. That's where I'm getting my 350ms figure from. I'm running around in game with the latency showing as 0/0 according to the meter but Quartz is giving me a second latency measurement.
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12/09/2011 08:05 PMPosted by Vanns
Now you ask for proof it isn't blizzards fault.

Are you serious. How is it not Blizzards fault dude. IT HAPPENED AFTER BLIZZARD RELEASED 4.3. It wasn't happening before. It clearly is Blizzards fault, they released a patch where all Mac Users are literally getting a !@#$ ton of lag. I T I S B L I Z Z A R D S F A U LT . You said your self you weren't an employee for Blizzard so I don't know even why are you answering us. Your just a volunteering Mac User who thinks he knows it all. When it really is Blizzards fault. I honestly don't know how many times I have so say it that it wasn't like this before. Even when you said that a lot of ppl are shopping online and making ISPs slow or whatever, THAT has NOTHING to do with this lag because we would of had it before 4.3 so stop saying the same answer over and over and over and over and over again. Shall I go on ?

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Ummm, I have a 2008 and 2009 iMac as well as a MacBook Pro which all are having virtually no lag issues at all. So I think saying 'ALL' Mac users isn't exactly correct...
12/09/2011 10:42 PMPosted by Vanns
Yet again, no actual response on how to fix this whole issue.

When you use the appropriate thread, and actually post diagnostics, a lot would be happy to help. We'll repeat that 100 more times too. Only you have access to all the diagnostics we need. Blizz cannot perform those steps in other thread for you.
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Is there any idea of when this problem will be fixed?

EDIT: out of interest I did a GetNetStats check. Results were:

Dump: value=GetNetStats ()

This was taken a few minutes ago at around 8:05 pm Moon Guard server time
Having the same issue iMac 27" i7 3.4GHZ running Lion.
Having the same issue and yes, it's a display issue, not a lag issue. My latency performance has been mostly the same, except for some isolated latspikes.

Even then, I hope they fix this issue soon. Coming from a relatively high latency country (the Philippines), it is helpful for me to know when my latency is exceptionally high, esp during raiding nights.

Hey all,

As mentioned before, we're aware of the Home/World latency displaying '0/0'. This is something we are working on addressing.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that even though the latency is displaying 0/0, this should not be causing latency issues itself. This is just a cosmetic issue, so it is not showing the readings.

If you been experiencing latency issues (where pressing an action takes a moment to actually do in WoW, like moving or casting, NOT slideshow, like low frame rates), you might benefit from some troubleshooting basics, like the ones Omegal provided here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3711331282

Remember, we want to keep this thread open as a tracking thread for home/world latency. Posting here is fine saying "me too" and what not. If you are ACTUALLY experiencing latency issues, please create a new thread so we can assist you.

Also, please remember to follow our code of conduct (http://us.battle.net/en/community/conduct). I know it may be a frustrating situation, but we're here to help, and I assure you we are working on getting this address, along with other known issues.
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I've been getting the same things. Done stuff like reset router and wifi but nothing so far. dont want to do too much for nothing.
it's safe to say that every single Mac client is plagued with this issue.
I have the same problem. 0 latenency.
Just adding my 2 cents in, took my mac to a mates house last week to have a geek session and I first noticed the 0/0Ms Display at his house. I thought it was just a problem with his internet because he's only just recently moved in. I didn't really pay too much attention when I got back home the next day but, as of today I finally received my new custom MAC. (Been waiting ages for this bad boy)

So I was just setting up my GFX to ultra and messing around seeing the difference from my old MAC compared to the new one and then realised my Ms was again 0/0 on the interface.

So even with a complete new MAC fresh out of the box, new wow folders and having even reset my router from default. The 0/0Ms is displayed.

Just one of those things I guess haven't noticed much lag, only a few here and there but, thats probably just my ISP.

Hope this is helpful-Vel
I think ut's kinda safe to say that the Mac client is reporting 0/0.

All my guildies with Macs are having the same issue. None of us are having latency increased issues caused by that, however, as far as I can tell.

I am as well using Quartz as a flawed but somewhat efficient way to tell how my latency is working on a given day (a day or two, every full moon - xD - I'll have severe latency issues, but that has happened since the BC).

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