anyone know any good looking sets for droos?

need help with looking for sets for transmog,anyone know any good ones that arent greeny? dont like this gear -_-
T2 is yellow, T4 is white, T5 is purple, T6 is brownish red, T11 is blue
Easiest transmorg, go bear form!
T4 (Malorne) and a Stylin' hat.
T3, T5, and T8 (25m) all the others are !@#$ tier.
Well, how about

Nordrassil Chestguard
Spaulders of Reclamation
Bark-Gloves of Ancient Wisdom
Kilt of Immortal Nature

Anyone know what this set is?

i THINK i've seen npcs wear it. but not Players
<-- best druid transmog set ever

(I a rogue trapped in a Cow Druid body!)

Anyone know what this set is?

i THINK i've seen npcs wear it. but not Players

Tyrande's old garb I'm pretty sure.

The only other person I've seen wearing it was that night elf druid chick in the classic cinematic.
I thought mine was pretty original.
T7 10 man? Purple dreamwalker!
S1 which is a black and red version of T4 has a druid style with different colours.
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Whats a droos

Hmm, I thought the OP was asking about good looking sets for characters named Droo. >_<
As a druid why would you not want a nature/earthy (green or brown) look set? Other then T6 i really like last seasons Honor gear, what I'm wearing atm, but with Hyjal tabbard. Now just to farm up Twin's Pact (ToC25) to go with it.
T5 is really pretty, and since there is a pvp set that looks exactly like it except for a color difference, all you have to do is go to Area 52 and spend a bit of honor. I also think T6 is amazing looking.
Feelin' classy with my tentacle staff.
t6 helm/shoulders/chest/hands (legs covered), origin of nightmares for a staff (aka what I'm using). I'm quite happy with it.
nice,i'll use yours..looks awsome
I like the way the ruthless set looks. =P

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