We just killed Nozdormu

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I doubt it. There is always a Doctor somewhere at sometime. He can be at any point he chooses. However, the trick is to set up circumstances such that "escaping" to a different point would be extremely undesirable.

So, Nozdormu could live forever, splitting off timelines and other timey-wimey stuff... but he wouldn't be able to live with himself. His personality, standards, morals, emotions, intelligence - Nozdormu in toto - that is what makes him mortal. He cannot act against himself like that. No one can. So in other words, even though he knows the events surrounding that death, he cannot change it because to do so would be to deny everything he is.

Anyway, Murozond is from a separate timeline, I think...?
11/29/2011 09:41 PMPosted by Thÿ
but he doesn't age! which is why the people he has traveled with in the past are old and he still looks the same (well.... he looks different, but not any older)

He ages, just slowly, plus he has regeneration :D

I just remember in the latest season there's the 2 different aged Doctor's floating about heh.

You have not watched the finale it seems.
Welcome to time travel, master of plot holes and destroyer of stories.
11/29/2011 10:01 PMPosted by Revika
Welcome to time travel, master of plot holes and destroyer of stories.
Has this always been true? or has it only been true now because something traveled through time to change our perspective of the present to make you believe this is true? How do you know that at one point you didn't type "Welcome to time travel, master of plots and creator of stories."

Would you even be able to know if you had actually typed that at first, only to have time altered by whoever it was that altered it?
Eh, we killed Nozdormu's future self in a timeway that very obviously never comes into being. So to make it all worse we killed him in a place that never existed because we killed him to keep that place from existing.

But seriously, time doesn't have the same effect on Nozdormu as it does everyone else. He's sort of in his own unique temporal state where the common laws of space/time don't apply. He can be different whens at once and at different states in his own life. Or thats how I understand it.

Its important to note though that Murozond is a "future" version of Nozdormu, and we don't know how far down his own timeway his transformation takes place. It could be thousands of years to us so Noz could be around for a while yet. Also taking into consideration that he can exist in several whens at once, it may be that only one "version" of Nozdormu was slain and not his entire being. "There will always be......a Timeless One!!!"
Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAAKE!


On a more serious note, technically taking the Dragon Soul should cause a Time Paradox as well. Oh Blizzard you so silly.
11/29/2011 08:04 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Nozdormu is both dead and alive.

Schrödinger's dragon.
Man, I was going to post this :(
killed muruzond/nozdormu today. the events surronding his death and eventual corruption are a paradox, wrapped in an enigma.

when the titans empowered him, they showed him his death, the death they showed him very well may be the one we caused. we know at some point in the future, by some trick of the old gods, nozdorumu ends up corrupted, perhaps out of curiosity of how he saw himself corrupted in the fist place, and also because he began to fear his death.

also, he knew he was going to die, there is already another aspect of time waiting to take over now, Anachronos, his son.
11/29/2011 07:58 PMPosted by Beeffrank
We did literally. May I remind that Nozdormu's full name is Nozdormu the Timeless. If one is timeless they exist outside of time. There can be no future or past version of oneself. Thus, Nozdormu has just commited suicide. Murozond was Nozdormu. Murozond can't be the future version of Nozdormu, because Nozdormu is timeless. We killed him. We killed Nozdormu. We have killed the aspect of time, literally. LF new aspect of time. Wait a second, didn't Nozdormu help us fight Murozond. That's the problem, we killed him, but we also didn't. But we still killed him. Nozdormu is both dead and alive. He is timeless, so he does not lose his living self to the past. He keeps it. This also means that he was always dead, since he cannot lose apart of himself to the future. So he is dead, but he is also alive. He has staged an attack on time, and he has staged the defense of time. He orchestrated his own death succesfully, yet he survived. What is the point of this post. I just wanted people to know this. It's very weird.

You almost successfully justified this entire paragraph with superfluous hyperbole.
Toasting in an epic bread
its magic.
The humans are the ones that make time sillys!
As well as everything else.
For extra curricular reading, I highly recommend Robert A. Heinlein's short stories, All You Zombies and By His Bootstraps. They do a good job of covering the concepts of time travel paradox as discussed in this thread. These stories were written quite a few years ago and I do hope they are still in print.

But doesn't he need to be in a box, Daxx?

Well, you see, time is a series of boxes.

No, no, no, you see: most people think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction, but I have seen the face of time and I can tell you they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm.
11/30/2011 12:21 AMPosted by Orrak
No, no, no, you see: most people think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction, but I have seen the face of time and I can tell you they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm.

...actually--from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint--it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... timey wimey... stuff.

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