<Audacity>8/8HM lf raiders for DS and MOP!

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moobs. that is all.
Boomkins are a lie
04/19/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Java
Boomkins are a lie
Dearest Morg,

How are you? Have you fapped to Sindragosa's sexy voice any time recently? Are you still slangin' 'dem chocolates? How are the wife and kids?

Your bestest buddy,

P.S. Morg is fat.

go on.
Good morning! It's snowing right now, was 80 degrees last week.

Oh, and WTB Boomkin!!
Spine down on first pull of the night!
Well done.
Momma's so proud!!
Gratz on dat madness. <3
should really update this i mean its been almost a week since we were 8/8 lol you so bad

edit: I know its hard to pull ones self away from diablo III and all
what's "diablo 3"? some kind of video game experience?
05/22/2012 06:35 AMPosted by Dernn
what's "diablo 3"? some kind of video game experience?

I heard it's Blizzard's latest attempt at an RL gold sink because too many people have been farming RL gold with jobs.
Oops, haven't updated in a while
Need a paladin!

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