<Audacity>8/8HM lf raiders for DS and MOP!

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Need a lock!
Looking for a few more raiders to keep farming DS for gear/mounts and to get ready for MOP!
Any raiders looking for a home?
Need a couple more!
They see me rollin',
They hatin'.
Need some caster DPS!
updated needs!
More mount drops!
Updated needs!
Still going strong. looking for some more raiders to help our roster stay full!
Got a lock, still looking for the rest!
cold blooded
I heart this guild and all of its antics.
Updated needs for MoP
ret paladin :o
Grats on becoming the Mentoring Guild!
I'm back from vacation... so have a bumpity bump!

(downloading patch stuffs... q.q)
Can the gm or recruiting officer email me! <3

I'll direct them to this post, Zlicious <3
08/31/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Seventothese
Grats on becoming the Mentoring Guild!

spanks! [:

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