Fury's Deep Wound nerfed as well ??????

it would need to be a 44% change as its being discussed in EJ. Double dipping does not explain such a change.

Either way im glad we are starting a productive discussion instead of "everything is fine you're just bad"
For arms it looks completely unaffected. Looking at Enk's logs deep wounds dmg % stayed around 11.5% and the avg tick increased due to the AP gain. I didn't delve too deeply but used :


and post patch

^^ that looks to be about the expected behavior. This leads me to believe that the disparity we are seeing is tied somehow to the fury nerf. Nerfing damage by 5% does not however explain the magnitude of the decrease in deep wounds damage. There must be something else to it that we do not see. Perhaps this should be posted somewhere in the bug forums?
Yeah, deep wounds damage is significantly lower now. So really, we kind of took about a 8-10% nerf with 4.3.
well, i do think its more than 10% nerf...
for ppl with reforged crit...its like 12%~14% nerf of totol damage out
The nerfed deep wounds might lead to 3/3 incite being better for SMF now though. I'll have to look into that.
I looked at my arms parses pre and post patch and dont see anything significantly different in terms of my average damage per tick of deep wounds. Granted DW is making up a slightly smaller amount of my total damage, but thats just because my other attacks gain more from the additional AP buff.

To be fair, I dont have a huge sample size of post patch stuff, but iirc, a simelar thing happened when they nerfed arm's 2h weapon specialization in 4.2 in that DW damage dropped significantly, which is why I suggested that the 5% fury nerf is likely to blame, especially if arms DW hasnt really changed in 4.3.
perhaps this bleed effect falls into the category of non physical damage (enrage was changed)however its more than a 5% nerf to deep wounds dmg

in total im averaging a 7-9% loss maybe 10% b/c im pushing that much harder
DW has lost over 40% not 9%. IMO i think it was probably bugged in 4.2 and its been fixed now, as it has been mentioned DW damage for both specs is about equal now
Any credible testing done last ngiht?
.... feels like an idiot for the troll post at the start but now that i've seen fury in a proper raid setting i've noticed a significant drop in deep wounds for fury.
12/01/2011 04:04 PMPosted by Luucem
DW has lost over 40% not 9%. IMO i think it was probably bugged in 4.2 and its been fixed now, as it has been mentioned DW damage for both specs is about equal now

Which means Precision's auto-attack bonus is likely the culprit in this situation. Either it wasn't intended in 4.2 to affect Deep Wounds' damage, or it was intended to and is just bugged at the moment.

Either way, we took a bigger hit in damage than intended, and they're likely to either revert the DW Spec nerf or make Precision affect Deep Wounds again.
The 40% from precision no longer affects DW damage. I'm pretty sure removing the bonus was intentional and highly doubt they'll revert that nerf or the 5% dmg nerf.
Just because it's not in patchnotes doesn't mean it's not there, like the whole getting under SW, blizzard nicely put a good invisible wall to stop from having that fun, and getting on top of SW, well.. Blizzard allowed flying mounts in azeroth to no-longer make that difficult, unless you want it to be. I still miss the giant gated portal that never had an instance put in it, if anyone remembers that marvelous thing between trade and old town? I miss the park, as do a lot of people, probably a small reason i went horde.. :3 </3

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