Elemental or Enhancement dps in 4.3

Which dps spec, in your opinion, is better and if you are/have a shaman which is generally more fun. Thank you for your comments. As a note my other 85 is an 85 prot/tg warrior.
Your name means you have to be Restoration.

I am resto, im asking for an os
i find enh to be more fun over ele
I find enh more fun because of the (somewhat) harder rotation. Elemental is more fun than it used to be but it's still kind of repetitive. (Although there is something immensely satisfying about a hard-hitting lava burst proc)

Ultimately, just choose what sounds more appealing to you, 'fun' is too subjective.
If you play it rarely, Ele is convenient as you don't need to re-gear for questing or casual pvp.
I didn't like ele much before 4.2, and still prefer enh. It's more fun and dynamic. That said, ele isn't bad now, especially if you have the 4pc T12 bonus and glyph LB on the move, it becomes quite fun.

Who would have said, ele as a mobility class (literally half the occurrences of ONE spell is a stadnstill harcast) :)
Well since last patch i think enh is slightly above ele in dps atm without staff. But i would go os ele if ur ms is resto simply because u can share a lot of gear. All the stats resto wants ele also wants.
Both are fun, Enhance has a more active rotation, but Elemental sees lots of huge numbers and can Chain Lightning spam which is really fun.
Ele for me. Love the sound of lava burst crit.
I've never liked ele compared to enh. I've done ele a bit on a few different occasions and the last time I tried it I went back to enh in less than 2 hours even though ele was the better spec. I just find enh more fun overall.
Haha not somewhat! Just harder, if you want to rank rotations enhancement is definitely one of the hardest.

Anyways, go enhancement; I love it =]
Never could get Enhancement right. I'd recommend Elemental. I prefer to spend more time looking out for fight mechanics than my rotation. Sharing the same gear is a big plus too.

what will raiders look for more?
Elemental, especially if MS is Resto.
Hey what is a good os to enhance ms?
im elemental Os to enhance MS and i love it i its great to be able to switch from ranged to mele depending on the fight, Enhancment seems more fun for single target bosses and such, but chainlightning spam from ele on trash is pure win, so mehh there both fun, its just weither you prefer a mele dps or a ranged dps
Hmmm, i think i need to reread the guide and probably tweak my own gameplay. I thought ele was further behind enhance.
Enhance is way more fun, imo. Harder rotation to play with, you get to be up in the middle of things, and it just overall feels like more interesting gameplay, compared to standing back and watching things while doing a relatively easy rotation.

The change to enhance AE has given us a very good AE, providing things stay alive for atleast 5 seconds. Doing Madness with 4 or 5 boomkin exploding bloods instantly with shrooms is one of the exceptions, while Yor'sahj heroic and the sustained fire nova AE is ridiculous damage.

I have always loved enhancement and how it plays, it's just so much fun to do in either pve or pvp. BUT.....there is just something about spamming the everliving hell out of Chain lightning that just seems....addictive...
In your case an elemental os would be best for you, just less of a hassle with gear unless you really want to play enhance. I enjoy enhance more on single target but massive chain lightning spam is great :)

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