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If any of you have been around Darmoon Island for a little exploration time. You've noticed things... Strange things. Sparkly dust, some creepy old forsaken lady in the woods, and plenty of shipwrecks. And if you're really into try to find weird things, you've also noticed caves, a house foundation, and plenty of smokey cliffs. And if you REALLY into it, you've died and met all of the ghosts around the island.I'm just throwing random ideas out here, but I have a thought as to what in Azeroth is going on around here! So please, listen to my conspiracy theory and enjoy knowing you're not as obsessed with WoW as me.

Altogether, there are six ghosts on the island. And also on the island, are six cages with skeletons in them (One being on the ground). Not far from those cages, is a forsaken women named Rena Greenteeth, who happens to sell 'food' with names like "Green Ham and Eggs". Along with those foods, are descriptions that all basically say "What? Cannibal? Not I, it's just food.. Delicious food made of people.. I mean by people!" Also, if you look at one of the ships, it's that of a Forsaken vessel, along with a few human ships in other places along the beach.

So, my assumption is that Rena Greenteeth was a traveler on one of the Forsaken ships, and that for some reason, she managed to be the only survivor (or just went cannibal on the other survivors). As time passed, more shipwrecks came in, as well as more survivors. She caged them up for as long as she wanted, and eventually ate them, which is why there ghosts stay on the island. Along with finding the island, I'm sure that the people of the Darkmoon Faire found her, and she was happy to have more people on the island. But stayed in the forest in hopes of people to come around and fall into her trap. Something else on the island that has yet to be uncovered, are the caves. One of which is actually labeled "Darkmoon Island Cave", and one which is underwater under the northeast shipwreck. Neither have had any activity within them, but are both very mysterious.

Also, something random which I have no idea is there, is the house foundation on the hill if you go off from the trail to the faire. It's just there, nothing else hints to it being occupied or used.

That's just my opinion though, and kind of a far out one at that. If anyone has any information about it, I'd love to learn more about it. This is definitly something that interests me.. As long as we get to use the CSI: Miami soundtrack that it...
omggggg im gonna go swimming and exploring now

EDIT: in darkmoon faire island, i mean...
Interesting...thank you for stirring my imagination...Ive grown a bit numb to the environment in this game over the years. Mystery is a wonderful thing.
It seems like DMF would be experiecing further changes in the future. There's also some tents in the main fair area that's blocked off with contruction fences.
the DMF reminds me of this old movie

Something Wicked This Way Comes
I love when fans put more thought into something than the development team does. My thought is that either the faire is Twilight related, or is just meant to be kinda creepy (since carnivals are cooler when creepy).
Awesome ideas bro! I definitely agree, there will be lots of more upcoming stuff at the faire. I'm hoping for some bigger daily quests related to the caves, cages, ghosts, and shipwrecks that pave the way for some awesome new mounts and companions to be bought. For the underwater cave, maybe an epic underwater mount drop? Hell ya, I'm sick of the Sea Turtle, haha.
The Darkmoon Faire is been up to something for years. The old faire vendor tents had scourge banners hanging in them.
I can't help but think of sims 1 making magic when i'm in darkmoon. lol
I really hope Blizz goes somewhere with this.
Somthing is definately afoot in dmf when i zoned in on my shaman today i hit the space bar to jump and to my surprise i had gained the ability to fly unassisted! So if you see a female tauren shooting through the sky do not fear its just me
It makes me think of the song Dark Woods Circus.

Which if course is based on old side shows & freakshows.
It's Old gods.
03/04/2012 01:21 AMPosted by Hotcross
Somthing is definately afoot in dmf when i zoned in on my shaman today i hit the space bar to jump and to my surprise i had gained the ability to fly unassisted! So if you see a female tauren shooting through the sky do not fear its just me

Unfortunatley thats just you needed to log out and reset your UI most likely, it happens to me quite often if I log out in SW before a large patch day, I will be flying along thinking wow im cool, than realize i cant see anyone else in the entire city.
When I first saw Rena Greenteeth, I was really surprised that there wasn't a barber offering cuts & a shave somewhere on the island near her.
The Island....
"The Underwater Cave is where the Sea Ponies live. Just ask anyone who has fished there."

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