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I have a bunch of old Maces that i had planned on using for transmog. I didn't think that they would be useless because i can't use them to transmog a mace no matter what slot i have it in unless that mace also says main hand only. I can understand why axes can't be transmogged into maces, but this is just rediculous. Some of the best maces are main hand only but none of the new maces that i've seen have this restriction.

Buyer beware. If you see a weapon on the AH that you think will be good for transmog, make sure it doesn't say main hand only unless the weapon you are using it for also says main hand only. I really hope this restriction is removed.
I completely agree. I can't transmog my daggers with the pretty mage daggers because rogue daggers just say "one-hand" instead of "main-hand." This is bull. Take away mainhand/offhand restrictions!
I think they do this because you only need 1 one-handed to reforge both your mainhand and offhand. If they took off the mainhand restriction youd see things like people dualwielding Cho'gall's hammer.
Going to have to agree as Well, I have Troggbane, Axe of the Frostborne King that would complete my transmorg set but I cant use it because im equipping a mace :/.
The problem is that one hand weapons can be used in either hand and they don't want main hand appearances to end up on an item used in your off hand (or vice versa). Although I'd suspect the issue would be more with non-weapon off hand items.

Perhaps if applying a main hand appearance to a one-hand weapon, the weapon would only be useable in your main hand so long as that transmog is applied to it. (same for off hand on one hands). Or maybe it would work to leave off hands limited to off hand items but allow main hand onto both main and one hand items.
The problem I am having is this: I have several very cool main hand swords sitting in my bank. However, all the caster swords released in MoP are all one-hander. So I have these cool main-handers that I can't use for transmog.
What prompted the decision to change the weapon type of caster weapons I wonder...
Zarhym was quoted on twitter with saying that these changes may be looked at in 5.2

Also this is quite the necro thread, the last post in here from 2011. It's 2013, man.

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