<Last Attempt> 4/7M LFM dps& healers

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Last Attempt is a horde guild on the Thaurissan PvP server. We were established late in Wrath for the purpose of progression raiding. We have an established player based with solid leadership. We offer progression raiding in a relaxed and somewhat casual atmosphere. We are an Australian based guild but welcome players from abroad.

We are currently recruiting for WoD, many roles are open with the departure of some raiders to pursue avenues that no longer aligned with the values of Last Attempt

What we offer

Plug and Play raiding for members - flasks, pots and guild repairs provided
Serious raiding environment
A leadership team that can get the job done
Epgp Loot
an active online player base

What we expect

Mature players that are drama free
Near 100% raid attendance
Be experienced and very knowledgeable of your main and chosen off spec
Players that are driven to be the best at their class

Who We DON'T want

People who cant attend on a regular basis
People with a poor internet connection
People who play the game just for shiny purple pixels
Drama queens

Raid Times (server)

Wednesday 8-11
Thursday 8-11
Sunday 7-11
Monday 8-11

Our Current/Recent Progression

4/7 Mythic Highmaul

Realm First 25 and 10(alts) Garrosh
14/14H SoO
13/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder
Realm First Ra-den
16/16 heroic Tier 14
Realm First Heroic Sha of Fear
Realm First Heroic Grand Empress
All Cata Content cleared on HM

How to apply

Drop us an application at http://last-attempt.wowlaunch.com/
all applications are private and can only be viewed by last attempt members, we will not contact your current guild ever. Applications without Logs will not go well so go record some.

Recruitment needs

All roles and classes considered, lower priority on tank and melee

Please take the time to obtain recent logs, we do review these, your ranks and your percentiles

If your current class or spec is listed as closed we may still consider your application but you must be absolutely amazing at what you do, please save yourself sometime and contact myself or an officer to see if its worth putting an application in if this is the case.

If you wish to contact someone in-game prior to placing an application any of the officer team can assist you, just ask members if we are around. Remember we will always require an application to be placed we do not do verbal applications.
go go apps
Bumping because uglykal makes the best warrior videos ever.
up we go, lf apps, also looking for some ppl to participate in our rbgs this season..get in now for your chance to play with uglykal
bumping updated recruitment
still lookin
2/8hm lfm
3/8 lfm
bump for ulgykal #1 warrior oceanic
still looking for talented dps, range team needs boost would entertain the idea of an app from a skilled ret paladin also
wtb pro healer to join the team
Bump, gimme dem healerz.
4/8hm update
WTB 25 raiding guild.
5/8H bump?
5/8 official bump
lf dk tank

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