<Last Attempt> 4/7M LFM dps& healers

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Melee - anything non-rogue (unless you are re-rolling for MoP).

This makes me sad :(
I'd consider applying but yeah... the whole rogue thing
Last attempts rbg team is also recruiting, I understand they are currently looking for a fc
Nadz is a very strong man who lifts big heavy box.
Long time no see six, move your guild back to this server, then we can have more than 1 or 2 alliance to target in stormwind when we get bored :) Lets make the alliance a common spawn rather than a rare spawn item
Big heavy box is a very strong lift man Nadz.
Bumping, final round of recruitment before mop
Hey there are you interested in a mage? havent played in a while looking to go progression in MoP
Yep, mage spots are open currently, feel free to apply on our site
bump for healers/ranged dps
^ up
bump for teh sexy belfs
I feed on the tears of our trials.
Where the pro playas at

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