[A] Sol Invictus 8/8H DS10m LF tank & healer

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Aww don't be down :(
I can get you hugged by 5 shaman at once, would that help?
That would put my solo Mutz hugs to shame.
well ladies (that means this is not intended for u Fathed/Andraste/whatever ur DK is. :P)

Thanks for all the hugs, no i do feel a bit better :)
But I have a pimp hat. How that is relevant? I haven't a clue.
another bump
MoP release date announcement bump
Hey, you took my idea. I was gonna put "We have a MoP release Date, maybe now we can get some apps :)". But it seems less powerful now. You're always taking my fun.
update for downing the heroic spine, thanks to Deadwood for helping us in joint raid.
Grats on the kill, hyperbump
Grats you guys! Send some good karma out way for us to get ours next.
Hey, I tried bringing my good mojo to yall. But alas we discovered I was carried to the kill, therefore had no good mojo. :)
Sunday bump - preparation for Monday blues
Following Aniese: end-of-maintainance bump
That Aniese chick knows where it's at.
H Madness is now a fait accompli! Props to Sol Invictus for their enthusiasm, energy, sometimes confusing possum jokes, and general awesomeness!
We are so ronery!
OMG!! A femdorf!!!
After no-WoW weekend bump.
Time for another bump
Bump <3

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