Ninja Transmog Sets!

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Post 'em if you got 'em!

This is mine, but it's not so great. I saw a white ninja outfit today in bgs, and i have to say i was impressed.

Im slightly incomplete, but I do like the way I look still. (shoulders/helm). (and no i don't take credit for this transmorg idea =])
Van Cleef ninja here!
Im incomplete... actually haven't really gathered anything yet. But I find that the Stained Shadowcraft Cap makes a nice ninja mask.
Just missing my T1 hat. Been holding on to the rest since vanilla--except the chestpiece. Lost the roll on that the night before BC came out. ._.

sidenote: I honestly have not seen ANY rogues wearing T1. Pretty happy about my mog choice!

I've always liked that set, i say cheers to anyone who didn't pick up the bloodfang set.
Full D2 Darkmantle set here, glad I held onto it.
Snow Ninja checking in.
Just need my pants : /
Mine's a slight alteration to the the bc rep PvP set. Took a little running around, but nothing too special.
Real ninjas don't even need clothing.
12/08/2011 07:26 PMPosted by Ethelred
Full D2 Darkmantle set here, glad I held onto it.

Same here.

I would guess it is probably the rarest set out there.

*looks around, slinks away*

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