Ninja Transmog Sets!

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Like mine so far ..... Still looking for a few things.
Just missing my T1 hat. Been holding on to the rest since vanilla--except the chestpiece. Lost the roll on that the night before BC came out. ._.

sidenote: I honestly have not seen ANY rogues wearing T1. Pretty happy about my mog choice!

u fraudin bro?
I went for the thug/ruffian look, looks like some other people are similar to me. OH WELL, i haven't ran into another rogue on my server that transmogged like me so it's all good. My PvE set is full t1 with Claw of the Black Drake mainhanded so i look like i did in vanilla.
Hmmm.... white ninja you say? :D
01/10/2012 04:26 PMPosted by Messer
Hmmm.... white ninja you say? :D

Some good rogue looks up in here!
I can't be sneaky with Landslide.
I got yo ninja right here.
I can be purple ninja?
Jago from Killer Instinct.
Green ninja, reporting in.
Ohai!...Oh wait...
I am a blue ninja!!!
Furs for me eheheheh

Edit: Too bad you can't see the glowie on my daggers.
With all of these colors, we should make a Power Rangers arena team and do spins and kung-fu like the great series many of us grew up with..
01/10/2012 07:31 PMPosted by Tantojutsu
Green ninja, reporting in.

I might try to get that on my Night Elf.
Might. :P

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