Simple macro question?? - Cast all totems?

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I'd like to make a single macro button to cast all my totems. At this point I only have 2, but soon I'll have 4. I make the following:

/cast Flametongue Totem
/cast Strength of Earth Totem

But the second one fails with the Red text on the screen "Spell is not ready yet".
I started with the wiki page for useful macros for shaman and didn't see one like this.
I looked through the wiki pages looking for "delay" or some such, but can't find any way to cast more than one totem at a time. Of course, castsequence is not what I want. I don't want to spam the button to get all my totems. I just want to hit it once.

Don't shamans have a special spell that casts all 4 at a time?

This spell is available at level 30. Sure would be nice to be able to macro this before then.
- c
Each individual totem spell incurs a global cooldown. Therefore, you can't macro them into a single button press.

You can use a /castsequence, of course. But you have to push the button once for each spell.

/castsequence reset=5 Strength of Earth Totem, Healing Stream Totem, Searing Totem

Considering you don't get any air totems until 30, when you also get Call of the Elements, there's no reason for a 4-totem cast sequence. Also consider that frankly you don't need SoE or HS totems while leveling anymore: their effects are pretty much lost in the noise.

Blizzard specifically added Call of the Elements (etc) in WoW 3.0 to address this problem. Note that prior to 3.0 you always had to drop each one individually. They also generally had 2min or shorter durations and smaller radius of effect.

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