(25M) Guild Progression 3/1

Emerald Dream
Thank you Rain :) <33 Maybe you can be my new husband.

NOW off to Beauty and the Beast!

Jealous. I want to see it in 3D. :(

Also. I -did- use Sensations to stalk you, so!
I saw it in 3D and I almost cried like 5 million times. I held back though. It was tough. But I did it.
I never much cared about you being gone a week in all honesty. I just suggested that if someone wants to oust you. They shouldn't outsource the thread to a different forum. You do a fine job. Sorry about the death in your life. May we celebrate the end of the person's life with the death of some internet bosses. Continue to do the good work.
Highly Unorthodox Madness Down

Pre Nerf weeee :)
Absolute downed 25 man heroic Morchok like 3 weeks ago. Guess noone ever posted.
Nightstalkers downed Morchok Heroic.
Absolute downed 25 Heroic Hagara this week :)
Shattered Oath downed Heroic: 25 Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

server 1st i assume
Shattered Oath downed Heroic: 25 Ultraxion

server 1st prolly =)
Shattered Oath downed Heroic: 25 Warlord Zon'ozz

Good work team
Nightstalkers downed Heroic Ultraxion
Shattered Oath downed Heroic: 25 Warmaster Blackhorn

Absolute is now 3/8 Heroic 25 man. Morchok, Hagara, Ultrax.
Nightstalkers downed Heroic Yorsahj.
Hey, someone else can take over this thread. I'll be xferring to a diff server with some people soon and don't want to have long delays in updates because I'm not paying attention for some reason.

Whoever wants to step up and do it can take all the info I've compiled on pg 1. Good luck! Sorry I couldn't stay and continue this thread through MoP
I can do it if no one else wants.
Nightstalkers downed Heroic Hagara.
It looks like fleur pretty much stopped updating. I''m not really sure how to make the transition to continue this sticky if you guys want it up here on the forums but I have no problem taking the reigns nonetheless.

In after thought come Tuesday night i'll just create a new 10 and 25m post and go from there.

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