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Guild Recruitment
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Man I had a weird dream last night.
I don't really remember what it was about anymore.
I didn't eat breakfast, and now my stomach is rumbling. :(
I had Top Ramen. It was almost fulfilling, but it tasted like the pan I boiled the water in. I must not have washed it well. Gross.
Starburst jelly beans are one of the greatest things ever invented.
I couldn't even tell you what my favorite flavor is. I just open up the tiny box and dump them all in my mouth.
Best 50 calories I ever had.
My leg was itching. Turns out there was a spider on it!
I don't think I was bitten. I'll keep you updated if I start shooting webs out of my wrists.
Update #1: No spiderweb yet, but I did get a haircut. I am looking pretty good.
Update #2: Just picked out my classes for next semester. I'm pumped.
Man I am hungry again.
I had some pasta, but I'm still hungry.
i got rly bored and decided to read all of your posts, and just wanted to say thanks for the laughs and also, i had steak tonight...it was delicious. that is all.
Ha! You're welcome, and thanks for the compliment!

PS: I see you're a tank. If you're looking for a guild... ;)

PPS: Still looking for those other cutie ballers! I know you're out there!
this psot is hilarious lol ..
I'm digging the Death Knight love in this thread. <3

If only we had some Death Knight love in our application inbox!
Update #3: I found another spider. He was hanging out on the back of my laptop, waiting to strike, but I struck first.
if i wasnt broke and lazy, i might apply, unfortunately i am both. and if it makes you feel any worse, my current guild is in the process of merging with another giving us a total of 7 tanks! they're hogging us all o.0
Aww man.

We had to clear our farm bosses in MSV and HoF last night with a tank in greens and blues. :(
Get in here, applications!
blues and greens = win i thought?! not as much win as my steak...but still! as for app, uhhhh hai 491 blood dk work weekends selling rock available weekdays smoke lots of rock, tons, tis why im broke...I know worst dealer ever, it happens alright?! do i pass teh test?

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