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Bug Report
My human male character does the /cower emote every couple of seconds, like maybe 15-20 seconds or so. He'll do it while running, walking, flying everything!
Do you have a Haunted Memento?
I'm seeing this same bug.

And yes, I have the Haunted Memento.

Before 4.3, I'd only cower when I logged in or zoned into a new continent/instance.
Now, it happens every 20-30 seconds or so regardless of what I'm doing.
It happens when the Haunted Momento disappears/reappears. Which is why on flights you constantly twitch out and when you dismount you cower as well. There seems to be a further bug in the first part of Well of Eternity that causes it to reappear/disappear constantly, which results in more frequent /cowers and disruption while eating.

Edit: Pretty sure it's also the cause of companion pets disappearing all the time.
Yeah i was having the same problem too. Just about made me sick looking at the screen while I was on a fp. Just toss the trinket in the bank untill this gets fixed and you should be fine. :)
Had this happening to me, too, and it was the Haunted Memento. The worst was trying to use the Barber Shop with it in my inventory. The cower animation makes the whole Barber Shop interface close.
have several characters with the memento. never realized it but all of them do the cower. just gonna have to bank mine til blizz gets it taken care of
My character did the /cower but that wasn't the major issue I was experiencing. The bigger problem I noticed was while flying on any form of taxi service he would do 180s. And what I mean is he would pause very briefly, turn around 180 degree as if he was headed back to where he came. Then do another 180 degrees back to the direction he is supposed to be flying. This makes flying quest difficult, Isle of Quel'Danas, Hellfire and Grim Batol bombing runs come to mind. The WoW team got back to me about it possibly being the haunted memento and referred me to the bug forum. It was in fact the Haunted Memento. I watched my character flying between Ogrimmar and Thunder Bluff several times. The occurrence of the 180 may be more closely related to leaving/entering zones(?). Possible as stated, respawning of the haunted memento ghost. The frequency of the 180 varied from 4 - 15 seconds and seemed to coincide with the new zone name posting on the screen. Flying through Ogrimmar 180s happens more frequently. In open land it is less frequent. The /cower was a minor secondary side effect. The Haunted Memento has been in my characters inventory since it dropped during the Scourge Invasion event that took place before the release of WoTLK. I would like to see this item repaired.

Edit: I have to say since I placed my haunted memento in the bank my DPS has increased back to what it was before I started noticing the glitch. I thought I was just getting sloppy or something.
This new cower animation has broken many taxi services and quests. It's also quite annoying...

Please either fix or straight up remove this.
I am experiencing this as well.
My haunted memento now lives in the bank :(
Opened a ticket when it first started, ticket is now closed, and I had expected a fix with the last patch, but has not happened. Come on Bliz, my memento has been with me ever since they first appeared, part of my shadow priest regalia - I want it back and working the way it was.
Please :)
You're not supposed to bump threads on the bug forum, it serves no purpose. If it's posted then QA reads it, which means they're aware of it and will fix it when they fix it. In fact, it's against the rules of this forum to bump a thread unless you have new information to contribute to it:

The flight bug happens on the drake flight offered from the Caverns of Time entrance to deeper within, but the effect is less noticeable/severe. It just pauses a moment and carries on.

I love my little evil ghost, why must it make me suffer so?

I'm having this bug too and it makes me very sad. I want it in my inventory but the cower and flying interrupt is too annoying. We earned this momento, we should be able to wield it with pride, not foreboding.
I have 5 haunted mementos. When three f my alt's carry there's..nothing happens. It is as if the items is not even in their backpacks. Anyone else experiencing this?
I have 5 haunted mementos. When three f my alt's carry there's..nothing happens. It is as if the items is not even in their backpacks. Anyone else experiencing this?

Not sure why this is tacked on to a thread about extra cowers, while you are complaining about the lack of them....

Do the 3 who don't have it work have a different non-combat pet out?
I am sad to read that my Haunted Memento is causing this cowering problem. I love my black ghost who has followed me around for many years now! I'm also intermittently having the flying problem. I see that the most recent post on this thread was last June. Blizz, are you gonna fix this? Please?
Any issues with the Haunted Memento are likely to be low priority, as it's a rare cosmetic item whose issues can be negated by shoving it in a bank. I have one, too, and love it to death, but when I need to "get 'er done", I put it in the bank.
This makes me cry so much, I thought it was an addon and ive been going crazy trying to fix it, I love my hautned momento so much, Had mine since they were introduced to the game. But having cower interfering with my dps, and not being able to change my hair, and having issues when i farm. Just not worth it right now, I know its not high priority, but I really hope blizz fixes this =*(

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