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I think that a heroic LFR group will help people branch from looking for raid to normal modes!
Heroic LFR is normal mode.

It goes LFR < Normal < Heroic.
lots of bored trolls this week

edit: actually blizzard please put in normal mode 25man as LFR "advanced mode" though. I want to see forum reactions from that. Loot is 13 ilvl upgrade so you don't even have to do anything for that. However, do make it share lockouts with normal normal run
people giving good feedback isnt trolling
12/01/2011 12:56 AMPosted by Kogda
people need to take this concept more seriously

People are taking the concept more seriously. It's just a seriously bad idea.

Heroic raids are intended to block people for weeks at a time. They're there for people who want to face a severe challenge that requires a long term commitment to your raiding team to beat. LFR is the polar opposite of this. It's there for people who are unable or unwilling to make a long term commitment to a raid team, but still want to experience the content that is paid for in part by their subscription fees.

You cannot have a heroic raid with an ad hoc group assembled automatically by Blizzard's servers, unless you destroy the entire concept of what a heroic raid should be. Doing so would be very rude to those players Blizzard has who actually enjoy long term progression raiding of challenging content.
Heroic easy mode = normal mode, no?
I'd love to see a Heroic LFR.

As a parent who works 50+ hours a week, I should suffer and not see end game content or get good gear?

Hey tweenagers and twenty somethings. You work my schedule and try to make a raiding schedule. It's not going to happen.

Screw you. I pay money to see and experience the same content. You are not better than me or others. Get over yourselves.

Let's see...
I wake up 8 am, work/study till 11:30 am, eat and leave my house for work/study. When I come back is 10 - 11 pm... and see my raid progression.
Oh, I work Saturday and Sunday too.
Because people who put the time in, and effort, don't want casuals receiving the same gear/experience as we do? Hardcore raiders would be slapped in the face with the idea of an all-inclusive raid tier. We don't want people to be included in our top achievements, we want them as our own. Put in the time if you want it.
Man I would LOVE to see something like this implemented!

However, I know from experience that trying to PUG heroic modes can be a hell of a nightmare. It would not make sense to downgrade the difficulty in heroic to the Raid Finder, either. If it is easier, what is the sense in doing heroic, in the first place?

It would be necessary to apply a REALLY high restriction on ilvl, something like 400 ilvl for Dragon Soul... What would mean that the char already has gear from heroic mode and, as such, is capable of doing heroics in a PUG! And if you already do heroic mode, why would you do it in the Raid Finder, in the first place?
Players who don't have the time to commit to a regular raiding group finally have a way to see the content with ease. Is that not enough?
12/02/2011 11:16 AMPosted by Hauntie
Players who don't have the time to commit to a regular raiding group finally have a way to see the content with ease. Is that not enough?
Heroic LFR? LOL, imagine a bunch of random glue sniffing pugs doing Heroic raids, they wouldn't get passed the first pack of trash.

Just be happy that casual players finally will get to see raid content without committing to a guild. If you want heroic loot, achievements, and rewards (titles, mounts, ledgenaries, etc.) join a competent guild and get serious.
OP how the hell have you done Morchok 3 times on lfr
Trying to lead a pug through a heroic raid is an exercise in futility. Yeah, some people will chime in that they've pugged heroic raids with some success before, and I'll tell you that you are the exception, not the norm.

I'd like to see this implemented strictly for comedic value.
But only if they also implement a spectator mode so I can watch.

Agreed, give me a spectator mode!
1st, LFR is EASIER than normal.

If anything, once LFR is done, allow players to queue for Normals. Most will probably still full form groups, but if you are 9/10 and its late, and you really just want 1-2 more shots in, a quick replacement couldn't hurt.

Especially if they require a set ILv that ensures you downed at least a few bosses on normal difficulty.

That, and earlier raids.
[Trade] [2]: <Hyde> LFM normal Dragon Soul raid, pst

I just created heroic LFR. Worship me.
But I want to see the content.
and by content, I mean the same colored loot as Paragon.
All I want to to experience all the content, i'm just so casual I can only log in once a month for 2 hours but I still want the heroic loot!

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