4.3 Outland and Northrend quest nerfs

They hit the group quests really hard. I was kind of saddened. I regard the "group" quests as one of the few pieces of really challenging solo quest content.

On Monday, Kreug Oathbreaker in Dragonblight had 129k HP and was kicking my lvl 71 warlock's butt, and I was thinking about how hard I'd have to work to beat him. Tuesday afternoon, he has 29k HP and I didn't even have to pay attention to beat him.

It's not fun for me when most of the quest content is utterly unchallenging. Almost no chance of death unless you're taking a phone call, chatting in another window and eating dinner while questing. Just mash some buttons, any buttons, and stuff dies. Sigh. I'll miss ya Kreug.

EDIT: It's only when you really have to work at a win that you are learning to play your character. When you've died three times and are working your butt off because you know if you do everything just right -- heal your minion and keep your dots up while still managing to control your threat, popping your CDs at the right times, getting that insta-summon of your VW timed perfectly -- you can beat this guy. But just one wrong move and it's another graveyard run. That makes you a better player.

No wonder people complain about the quality of new raiders when their entire questing experience has involved wholesale slaughter of woefully underpowered mobs that never required them to understand their class at all.
Dungeons are following the same trend. It appears the majority of the playerbase is in favour of this type of gameplay so thats the direction blizzard have headed. Either way i'm not really fussed. They may return to making things more difficult again in the next expansion. We just have to wait and see i guess.
Did they nerf the Sons of Grull quests in Blades Edge? Those are preventing me from my Outland Loremaster achievement.. I need like 10 more quests in that zone, and there are an easy four that require groups..

Then I have to rep-grind Ogri'La to get a few more, then I have to finish another couple 5man group quests in Netherstorm which bread crumb back to blades edge...

Outland is a bit rediculous for the 5man group quests (the non-dungeon ones). I am happy for the nerf myself, and hope I can finish them solo - since NOBODY is ever in that zone - EVER!

And note - I was able to do most of the group quests just fine. Those guys hit like a truck and you cannot do some of these solo until you hit like 78 - I don't care how well you know your class.
I am with Taconut on this - I have two characters currently just starting in Wrath content. When they went through Outland, it was more like a ghostland. The time when you could /general "anyone else need xxx?" is gone so making more stuff solo-able is a good thing imo.
I have to admit omitting Group quests does take a bit of thrill and challenge out of questing, but they (Outland ones in particular) were really a major inconvenience and always prevented me from getting Loremaster achievements. That's all changed (outside of Ring of Blood quests in Nagrand, which I don't know why they didn't nerf), so it's making things easier. It was getting annoying having to ask my guild for help every other quest, as obviously nobody quests in these zones anymore.
When i level through northrend and outlands on my alts i like to do as many of the group quests aswell. But as already pointed out Azeroth is a much bigger place now and sometimes it's hard to find groups, so nerfing these quests seems appropiate to me. I had to resort to multiboxing alot of the northrend quests and that is not ideal.
I wouldn't have minded them nerfing them, if they'd nerfed them to the level of "solo quests that are hard but completable at proper level for the zone." But see what I wrote about Kreug? It was a joke. I would have liked to have to stretch for it a bit. I literally almost fall asleep questing sometimes: "Kill a bear. Loot a bear. Kill a stag. Loot a stag. Kill a half dozen scarlet fanatics at once. Sigh. Yawn."

I did Durn the Hungerer in Nagrand about a week ago on my lock when she was 68 and I had to enslave a Fel Legionaire from Camp Fear to get the job done. If I hadn't been able to, and I wanted Loremaster on the character, I would have swung through later when I out-leveled everything. It's not like you even need to do the group quests just for the sake of leveling -- I barely touched half of Outland getting her from 58-68 in full heirlooms.

I'm having internet connection issues and am avoiding dungeons and bgs right now, because it's just embarrassing (enormous, crippling lag), so I don't have those options to break up the boredom -- but that would just make leveling even faster. Queue for some dungeons and bgs while you're questing and you blow through levels so fast you never get near completing a zone.
I'm fine with the nerfs to the group quests. It's nice to have the option to do them now in lieu of other quests that were always solo fair. Sure it makes the game easier, but from my experience, it only seems to be a few classes that could really solo some of the quests. As someone else pointed out, some of those guys hit really hard and being decked out in enchanted BoAs wasn't enough to allow certain specs to solo them.

Honestly, I'm disappointed that Blizz still left a couple group quests in WotLK and TBC content. We're past the days where you can get a group together of people who need to still complete those quests. So more often than not, you're either begging friends/guildies to come on a max level toon to kill stuff for you or hoping you have the spec and gear to solo them. With the old group quests that still exist, Blizz might as well just remove the gear rewards and add the cost of the highest item, plus 20% of it's value, to the gold reward because in most cases people who really want them will be completing them after the gear becomes useless for their needs.
There's still a few surviving group quests, but they did nerf em pretty bad. More annoying to me though is the vehicle quests where you have to drive a catapault or whatever, I hate vehicle quests even more than escort missions they are so broken.
I can tolerate vehicle quests assuming they aren't broken.

Escort quests are pretty god awful. Why do we have the NPCs that sit around insisting they need help and then when you're busy taking care of something that would kill them, they decide to aggro more mobs? Or you get the other annoyance, where they continue on while you kill something and you fail the quest because they got to far away. If I'm suppose to be the bodyguard, they need to stick with me and go at my pace (yes, that means waiting while I go gather node the node over there, loot the thing that tried to eat their face and then skin it).

As for Morobir and others who want a challenge during questing. I don't think the answer is keeping the groups quests as is or continuing to add more with future expansions. Blizz just needs to make sure to sprinkle in a few elites for each zone, that are tied to quests directly (they could count towards kill X number of these and gather X number of these quests). That would allow people to still have their challenging questing while also making it possible for people to complete all the quests in a zone while the gear rewards are still useful (assuming no BoE or dungeon grinding).
for my lev 71 Dk all it took was 2 hits to kill Durn in Nagrand, its just way to easy now. I cant stand how easy it is now.

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