Cool titles to use on Holy Priest?

I know its not game breaking, but I always like my title to sorta match the theme of my toon. My destro lock was the Flame Keeper for the longest time :D

I keep bouncing around from title to title, any one use any cool titles for their Holy/Disc Priest?
LoD is a good one.
Dragonslayer ^-^

For a while at the start of Cata, I used The Undying (I don't have The Immortal sadly) since it seems a bit more meaningful as a healer.
Savior of Azeroth of course!
<--- Crusader =)
the Exalted
You're playing a Holy Priest this expansion? Clearly...
*puts on sunglasses* must be Insane.
Starcaller. Always Starcaller.
Yeah, I'd go for Crusader or Argent Champion myself.
Of the Four Winds
"the Immortal"
There are too many Paladin-y titles in the game and no good Priest-y ones. I'd like to see 'the Devout' something along those lines in the future.

It just seems fitting. I cook and heal stupid. Also, it doesn't seem very common.
I was always a fan of 'the Hallowed'.
I use Jenkins. And then tell everyone I pulled the extra mobs cuz I'm rep farming. My guildies will tell you I'm constantly rep farming...
The Patient, cause anyone who knows me can attest that this is a lie lol.
I always thought light of dawn would be a wonderful title for healing priest/paladin

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