my lfr queue never pops

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It just doesnt pop, im queuing as tank/dps and it never pops it just sits there and doesnt give me a group or makes a new one
just queued as dps popped instantly then queued as tank only, 25 minute queue time
I queued as a Tank / DPS / Healer yesterday and waited 30 some odd minutes, I don't know how they set it up at all, but it's clearly doing something wrong.
I would guess that its because

a. the raid takes a little while to complete ( hour + )

b. the odds are that a dps drops or gets opposed to a tank or healer.
iv noticed i have better gear ret but it queues me up as tank if i choose tank/dps, i actually sorta want to tank but lol
There seems to be a bug going around if you queue for tank + second role. Pick one you want to do and queue. :D

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