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I don't believe there was any prior notice, nothing in the Service Status forums about a Black Dragonflight Server restart. Is there any reason that this is happening?
12/02/2011 10:28 AMPosted by Dèl
Is there any reason that this is happening?
Looking into this now, Dèl. Thanks for the report.
Same problem, Kil'jaeden is down
bdf is up now by the looks of it.

[edit]I was getting warnings on Haomarush though.[/edit]
Same on Bronzebeard
Stormreaver is down
9 Min left on restart. Its not down, just in the countdown process.
ok stormreaver is up now
Cairne is down as well

BlizzardCS twitter hasn't said anything on it
Azgalor was being restarted as well, but there seemed to be a multitude of random bugs around. Queues weren't popping and those that were couldn't be accepted. Plus some JP item bugs.
Earthen Ring, Blackwater Raiders and Moonguard all going down
The Scryers also down. after a restart warning with no notice anywhere.
Korgath is about to go down.
Update: Realms are currently undergoing restarts. We'll let you know once all servers are back up and running.!/BlizzardCS/status/142673880304205824

12/02/2011 10:36 AMPosted by Dasoris
We will be performing rolling restarts on Friday, December 2nd, beginning at 10:30 AM PST for all realms. Downtime for each realm is expected to be minimal, and the overall process should conclude at approximately 11:30 AM PST.
Malorne is getting a reboot now too... Nothing in the server status forum...
All kinds of server restarts. Was in a dungeon, got a server restart and given a debuff and couldn't get into another dungeon. Went on a different toon and got in another dungeon . . . another server restart.

This is extremely not fun.

Oh, and my realm (Dalvengyr) went down so I can't log on to that after my second dungeon interruption.
BDF has just gone down.

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