darkmoon dungeoneer/Despoiler confirmed drops

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They drop from BOSSES ONLY. Drop rates are NOT 100%.

Items will ONLY drop if the mobs are GREEN-SKULL(lvl) compared to you.
ex. meaning lvl 85 cannot get ornate weapon from stock. (mobs are grey lvl)
ex. meaning lvl 85 CAN do WOTLK heroics (mobs are green lvl)

These quests are a ONCE a month quest so you can farm an extra for next month or sell on ah.
BUG: Adventures Journal & Captured Insignia have NOT reset and is a KNOWN bug.

Non-heroic of heroic vers may drop them but it is not confirmed.

ALL of these have been confirmed.


Ornate Weapon
hour of twilight (85) (heroic) - asira dawnslayer
Lost City (83-85) (Normal) - general husam

Gundrak (80-85) (heroic) - Last boss
Halls of reflection (80-85) (heroic) - Lich king
Old Kingdom (70-75/80)(Normal / Heroic) - Prince Taldaram

Burning Crusade

Stratholme (37-52) - Baron
SM Armory (21-42) - Herod
Maraudon (25-44) - Lord Vyletongue
Deadmines (19-21) -
Stocks (15-30) - first boss

Imbued Crystal
Stratholme - Balnazzar
Occulus(heroic) - Eregos
Well of eternity - Queen Azshara
Ragefire Chasm - Taragaman the Hungerer
Scholomance - Ras Frostwhisper
SM cathedral - High Inquisitor Whitemane
Magisters Terrace - Kel thas
Maraudon - Princess Theradras

Mysterious Grimoire
hour of twlight - Archbishop Benedictus
scholomance - Darkmaster Gandling
SM library - arcanist doan
SM graveyard - Bloodmage Thalnos
Zul Farak - Hydromancer Velratha

Monstrous Egg
End time - Murozond
Ramparts (heroic) - vazruden
Zul farak - Gahz'rilla
Stratholme - Nerub'enkan
blackrock depths - Ambassador Flamelash
Uthgarde Pinnacle (Normal / heroic) - skadi
Azjol Nerub (Normal / Heroic) - Anub Arak

For this next one i recommend queing alone as not many people have the guide. if u advertise in trade u just lower ur chances. que for specific dungeon kill the boss that supposedly drops. leave dungeon (u wont get debuff) and que for next. to the bosses that are closest to front of dungeon than the end.

A Treatise on Strategy - Lvl 85 dungeons only.
Throne of the tide (heroic) - Commander Ulthok
Stone core (heroic) - slabhide
Vortex Pinnacle (heroic) - Asaad
Vortex pinnacle (heroic) - Grand Vizier Erthan
Grim Batol (heroic) - General Umbriss
Lost City (heroic) - General Husam
Lost City (heroic) - High Prophet Barim
Halls of Origination (heroic) - Rahj
Blackrock Caverns (heroic) - Ascendant Lord Obsidius
Zul Aman (heroic) - Daakara
Zul Gurub (heroic) - Jin'do the Godbreaker
Shadowfang Keep (heroic) - Commander Springvale

Soothsayer's Runes - (believed to be raid drop only)
Firelands - Shannox
BWL - Magmaw
Tot4W - Conclave
BH - Argaloth

editing as i get more info.
Bosses only it seems.

Also add Ragefire Chasm to Imbued Crystal and Zul'farrak to Monstrous egg.
occulus we just did with 2 people on bronze and was fine
I've gotten weapons from Baron in Strat and Herod in Scarlet Monestary. Monstrous Egg from Nerub'enkan in Stratholme. I got the Grimoire off Darkmaster Gandling (last boss) in Scholomance.

So far no luck on anything else (that hasn't already been mentioned).
Sorry, ZF is Gahz'rilla, and RFC is Taragaman the Hungerer for those I mentioned earlier.
if u get information on ones that i have please post
Don't we have to be level-appropriate for them to drop? Are you guys just checking the lower stuff w/ alts or something?
it does not have to be level appropriate. i will update that. i got my weapon from stocks. only level appropriate thing is the quest to get 250 ears i believe
we need to find the treatise ><
i will try but those are unconfirmed atm. i figured that it was 85 dungeon but ya will see. need to check if its normal on those aswell. i will try to farm the general husam to see if this works.
general husam dropped ornate weapon will try others
Not sure if you recorded this or not for Hour of Twilight (the dungeon is missing a boss with it), but the 2nd boss drops the ornate weapon. Can't say if or what the first boss drops.
Trying ZG and ZA on my side.

After all Dakaara is the leader of the Amani...
i think the treatise might have to be in heroic because the dungeons in normal wouldnt drop a lvl 85 quest i would think when they arent lvl 85

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