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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Crimson was formed early in 2010 in Wrath of the Lich King by a group of long-term, super hero best friends with a collective goal - hardcore and speedy progression on a 9 hour / 3 night a week schedule. We very successfully lured some of the Oceania's most talented individuals and their respective pro acquaintances from off realm and within no time at all we established ourselves as a damn fine, little raiding guild.

Crimson has slowly built itself up to one of the most well known guilds in Oceania, getting many Oceania 2-3 kills and only raiding for half the amount of time that guilds currently in front of us are. Though we are competitive we understand that raiding is not everything and are confident in our own ability to kill bosses but not spend 6 hours a night 5 days a week doing it. This is why we only take recruits with the utmost ability and have a very small roster(compared to other 25 manguilds).

Now you know our history, it's time for the business end. As you can probably understand, with such an extremely limited time resource - hell, we raid almost half as much as most other 25man guilds - we absolutely require absolute excellence from each and every one of our raiders if we wish to maintain our competitive push through hardmodes. As such, we are only looking for exceptional applicants with proven raid experience who maintain current theory on their respective class and spec.

That being said, Crimson is not all about the raiding. We value the unique individuality of our guild as much as we love our dragon slaying. We are welcoming of all religions, races, sexualities and creeds and have no time at all for social ignorance. Crimson is a guild where intolerance will not be tolerated and where people are free to express their individuality freely and comfortably. If you enjoy fun focused progression raiding then Crimson is your guild.

Crimson is also home to the servers ONLY organised and successful RATED BATTLEGROUND team and the vast majority of the server's experienced arena veterans. If slaying Dragon's isn't your thing and you prefer mashing the Alliance... Join us.

Enough prattle
Stone Guard
Spirit Kings
Will of the Emperor

Blade Lord
Wind Lord

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok

Healers - x1 Resto Shaman, x2 Disc Priest, x1 Resto Druid and x1 MW Monk

Ranged - x2 Ele Shaman, x1 Boomkin, x1 Warlock, x1 Mage and x2 Hunters

Melee - x1 Warrior, x1 DK, x1 Feral, x1 WW Monk and x1 Enh Shaman

All applications are looked at so if you think you are amazing and your app is too then you will get a chance to show it.

-Raid Times-
Wednesday: 7.30-10.30
Thursday: 7.30-11.30 (NEW TIME +1 hour on Thurs for super prog)
Sunday: 7.30-11:30

-Rated Battlegroup Times-
Saturday: 7.30-10.30
Monday: 7.30-10.30


Bloodypro, Phose, Taita, Konoko, Doovez or Frootz.

Please feel free to contact any of our officers in game or post in this thread

yep yep! new thread for our new digs here as hordies :)
by the way - we are currently very comfortably 8/8 with 2 nights work. can't wait for hardmodes this week!
Bump for amazing holy pally, holy/disc priest and resto shaman!!
Merry Christmas, recruitment needs updated.
+1 Emazing healer + any exceptional DPS. 9 hour raids only.
Prog update, LF people who don't want to or can't raid 20 hours a week. Yorsajh down in 22 attempts.
a super balla mega monster feral kitty would be pretty amazing

a super balla mega monster feral kitty would be pretty amazing

An amazing anything would be amazing.
+1 amazing anything would be amazing.
bump for 4/8hm 25 man :P
Still looking for any exception dps to expand strengthen our ranks.
Recruitment needs and progression updated.
Progression and recruitment needs b.
B for spine prog.
a super balla mega monster feral kitty would be pretty amazing


At your service....

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