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12/06/2011 10:33 AMPosted by Smashingface
Oh well, gives me more time to defrag/error check/virus scans. anymore scans i should do?

Have you tried a GUI Scan, if you not sure to what it is, look it up on the internet. I'd tell you what it is, but I'm trying to buy you more time until servers go live by making you do some additional research. :)

Heh, I'll watch the weather channel and make some cookies, all the while complaining about the extended maintenance. Question why Blizz cant foot the money to provide servers that maintain service while running game data at the same time. After all, Facebook never goes down for maintenance. heh
Hopeing that these updates also fix the new Firelands bugs, such as Rageface not focusing on his rage targets and Baleroc randomly losing all aggro. Not that fun to deal with when trying to complete the staff. >.<
Are any of you really surprised? Really?Come on now, seriously? Name one time Blizz has been on time after a MAJOR patch. Just one. I'll wait. Just gonna go take a nap for now, wake me if you come up with one.
People saying we have no life if we get mad about the extended downtime? Well, I have a life, I work almost every day. When I do get a full day off from work, it's usually in the middle of the week, often a tuesday. When servers are down this long, my only chance to get anything meaningful in-game accomplished is ruined and I have to hold out another week.

My point is that they should start the maintenance earlier in the morning to avoid this kind of stuff. 3am eastern would be great.

We will wait to see on Star Wars but I am positive they are aware of it as they are probably way more concerned about the release of Guild Wars 2.. both games will just force WoW to be better so its all good

That's part of how WoW has survived, absorbing good ideas from other MMOs. They're the Microsoft of MMO. And that's why they'll still be around for a damn long time.
Thanks blizz for taking the time to make sure the season starts off right, other half of DS for RRF is good to go. Also thanks for letting us know 30min or so early that you will need another 2 hours to do so. If you need more time let us know ahead of time so we can go outside and do something
12/06/2011 11:06 AMPosted by Khannon
I can't wait til all these SW:ToR fanboys go over there and realize "oh crap, this is a new game with new bugs. Oh the game is down for unscheldualed maintance, again....and again...and again. In the last month SW has been down more than its been up, maybe I'll go play some WoW."

This has a 100% chance to happen
While I appreciate this fine toothed combing, could the extension not have been foreseeable? Ie. an extension to the beginning of maintenance.

Time Management - 0.

As much as we try to anticipate possible complications, it's not always something that can be easily foreseen. It's the joy of technology. Again, we'll do our best though to keep everyone informed as we go.

One thing I have never understood about most online gaming companies is why they can't at least simple tell us what all they are doing. I don't mind the downtime but I work with servers and networking and programming all day long so I'm always interested in what goes on behind the scenes.

Simply put, during downtimes like this what kind of stuff are you guys doing?

Example: Banning Botters and gold sellers, reviewing previous week raids and battleground records and correcting things that don't work as intended, server hardware checkup, putting ghostcrawler in a headlock?

Stuff like that lol.
well this gives me time to upgrade to lich king once the ups truck gets here ^.^
12/06/2011 11:04 AMPosted by Cindra
It's freaking obvious this game has gone down hill in the last two years and the latest patch is an all time low. But go ahead and keep lying to yourself fanboi

Obvious to whom?
Read a thread earlier and most of the ppl that posted on it like this patch. I'm sure those are the ppl that spend most of their time IN game not here postiing on how bad it is.
Nap time! I hope it doesn't get extended again.
its times like these that make me wish i didnt sell my ps3

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