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Whelp..... Time for some super paper mario >_> or maybe i might DL DCU and give that a try O_o

you mean me gnome?
i didnt get it online cus gamestop had it for a cheaper price for the holidays
I swear to god after all this maintenance if my language filter isnt fixed im flippin so many tables.

As much as we try to anticipate possible complications, it's not always something that can be easily foreseen. It's the joy of technology. Again, we'll do our best though to keep everyone informed as we go.

I will say...I have been playing since vanilla...

Of the times the servers have actually gone offline for regular maintenance, I can count on one, (maybe two) hands the number of times they have been back up by the standard 11:00AM PST.
12/06/2011 10:55 AMPosted by Zombiefang
I wonder if the Blizzard management is paying close attention to the Dec. 20th and 21st deadline? Hmmmmmm... New MMO with rich, deep, storyline and already has millions of fans around the world? Can we say a huge subscriber drop just in time for Christmas? Oh well..

I'm sure they aren't threatened by it and there's no reason for them to be.
Ugh it stinks when the most time you have to play is during the day :(
Cus its easier for me. not everyone can go to a store when they want to.
Why does every thread turn into a SWOTR discussion. :(
Don't you fanboys have your own dedicated forums?

Oh wait...
I can't wait til all these SW:ToR fanboys go over there and realize "oh crap, this is a new game with new bugs. Oh the game is down for unscheldualed maintance, again....and again...and again. In the last month SW has been down more than its been up, maybe I'll go play some WoW."

I am a Star Wars fan but that's not why I'm switching. After 7 years of WoW I'm glad something is coming out that can actually compete. SWTOR is a well developed, quality title.

Not to be a devils advocate but thats what I said about Warhammer online.. even quit WoW before the release of Warhammer gave my acount away.. Now Im still playing WoW and have not touched Warhammer online in over a year and even than I played like a welcome back trial and still thought the game was crap. Warhammer was bought out by Electronic Arts.. a quality gaming company

We will see on SWTOR lol dont throw out your WoW discs is all I am saying

And I hated WoW at release this game Killed a game called Shadowbane which was the greatest MMORPG ever created.. I mean you could kill your own guildies anywhere in the world if they annoyed you... how cool is that. WoW was the death of shadowbane but I was forced to come play it lol.. man I hated this game for like a year but it wa play this or play alone at the time

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