Stormwind Guard Armor, Transmogged.

Skip to bottom for details on mats and quest for SW guard Transmogg.

I got 20 minutes until the realms are suppose to come back up, so I thought I'd jump on the forums and get peoples opinions of my transmog set :P

If you roll a human pally or even warrior, I really think the guard set looks cool and gets a lot of compliments when I'm tanking pugs. The guard sets been around forever, but, it kinda faded out and you never really saw people wearing it anymore, I believe a lot of people forgot about it all together now that we can trans armor I believe this armor is worth a second look.

If you are interested, here is what you will need to trans into a SW Guard.

Tabard of Stormwind - Purchase SW Vendor
Imperial Plate Belt – Crafted by Blacksmith
Imperial Plate Boots - Crafted by Blacksmith
Imperial Plate Bracers - Crafted by Blacksmith
Imperial Plate Chest - Crafted by Blacksmith
Imperial Plate Helm - Crafted by Blacksmith
Imperial Plate Leggings - Crafted by Blacksmith
Imperial Plate Shoulders - Crafted by Blacksmith
Most BS should have this Armor set, here are the mats you will need.
(114) Thorium Bar
(12) Rugged Leather
(1) Star Ruby

For Gloves I just purchased Cobalt Gauntlets from AH, they are blue and I found match the Imperial Set well.

(My Belt)
There is an Imperial Belt, however, I found the Lawbringer belt, usually available in ah for under 100g's, looks a lot better. The bright gold Lawbringer belt just looks much better than the Imperial (In my opinion.

This will be your best tip, in the Ah people are now selling the SW guard shield for up to 10k, whatever you do, do NOT purchase this, lol, not even for 1k. This exact shield skin is available after completing a short, easy chain in un'goro that begins with Maximillian of Northshire who can be found around 30.6,51.2 and the final quest on this chain will be The Ballad of Maximillian.

As for swords, there are several that will work, I personally chose the militant short sword
(a lower lvl grn available in ah) because not only does the blade look spot on to the guards sword, but it also has a blue and gold handle which matches the uniform perfectly.

This is what I found to be the best gear to transmogg your armor so that you look like a real Guard in Stormwind. If anyone has any better suggestions or would like to add to this, please post em up.

Enjoy your new armor set, remember to toggle (/) once complete, patrol around the trade district and watch noobs click you for directions. :D
Like this? Kinda sorta? :)
I like this... I will take the gloves and the belt though...
i think that horde could also get that look all except the tabard and maybe the shield. I think it would be cool walking around org looking like a sw guard. I may try it
I'm a blacksmith and sell 2 sets of these everyday for about 3300 gold each.

I also prefer the Lawbringer belt. But not the gauntlets or sword. Here is what I think works better.

-Rockwurm plate handguards of nimbleness. Those blue gauntlets you have dont match the other blue on the armor. The Rockwurms are the same color as the armor and is a cleaner look

-For the sword I prefer the Merc Sword of the eagle. It's shiney and old school and with Landslide on it looks great. Most people I sell to prefer this combo.

-The tabard is my guild's tabard and matches perfectly

-Finally, I'm not wild about the Imperial boots and would like to find something without the blue. I did find some mail ones that were just steel colored and looked great, but they weren't transmogable.

Click on my photo and see
Mine looks way more like a REAL soldier, imperial plate is f-ing ugly. The imperial plate shoulders are crap, and the rest is a total mismatch. Mine might be altered a lot, but in my opinion its way better. Less fancyness, more epicness
Nice set Thoreso. I wish the graphics were updated but it still looks great!
I prefer a red theme in my gear. I just wish I could find a belt and set of boots that aren't so clunky. I went with the level 70 dungeon reputation PVP set.
03/10/2012 11:07 AMPosted by Veldimar
I prefer a red theme in my gear. I just wish I could find a belt and set of boots that aren't so clunky. I went with the level 70 dungeon reputation PVP set.
This is a thread for those that like the Stormwind Guard look. It has nothing to do with your goofy looking red armor. Why did you feel compelled to stick your nose into this thread?
Stormwind Guards UNITE!
use Grimscale Gauntlets it matched the set
everything seems fairly correct, however the proper shoulders are not imperial plate, but reather [heavy mithril shoulders] crafted by bs
you don't say?
So i completed the quest for the shield when i lvled my pally. Is there a look alike?
If I could find a tabard that'd match the Stormwind Tabard, I'd totally tank as one.

Also, my Guild Master is opposed to changed the Guild's tabard to match.
working on that set myself. though im not too fond of spending 400g to mog my helm...yeash
I were this set for PvP freaks out the horde and I recamend Knight's Colors for tabard looks better at least i think it does

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