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What's your favorite artist? If any of you say Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy or Waka Flocka etc it doesn't count.

Biggie for me but really loving Army of the Pharaohs/Jedi Mind Tricks.
My favorite artist would have to be Jay-Z. He's been in the game for a good while now but i agree with you on your pick, Biggie is another one of my favorites artists also.
Everyone you named above , except Jay-Z and Biggie, has no REAL talent. Talking real fast to a beat with extreme bass isn't hard, I've tried and yes it worked...

As of my favorite Rap artist, I would have to say either Cypress Hill (I realize it's a group) or Wiz Khalifa.

There are plenty of underground artists I listen to, but I'm sure none of yall have heard of them...
I will vouch for Lil Wayne. I think he does have talent, you've just got to accept that it's not going to be high brow stuff. I personally enjoy his stuff.

As for my favorite, I'm going with Kanye West. This isn't the auto-tune nonsense he's came out with in the past post Late Registration, College Dropout, etc. Those aforementioned albums are masterpieces in my opinion, as well as his latest, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Watch the Throne.

Man's got talent.
Blue Sky Black Death
J Dilla
Fat Jon
It's all about the Tech N9ne.
2 Pac
Sir Mix-A-Lot
2 Live Crew
Digital Underground (HELL YEAH)
Big L
Big Pun
Biggie Smalls
Mobb Deep
Ice Cube
Meek Mill
Mook //BX HARLEM !!!!!!!!!
ps: LoL at digital underground
I happen to be a fan of Aesop Rock and his various endeavors with other artists, as far as hip hop goes.
DJ SCREW had Houston in a daze in the 90s

Z-Ro (i think he sounds like tupac in his older stuff)
Fat Pat
Pimp-C (he's in UGK with Bun-B)
K-Rino ( if you like rap that's not about how big his chain is and what car hes got)
Binary Star
5th ward boyz
Lil Keke

I would describe all these listed as pioneers of the rap game, lil wayne, drake, wiz just don't compare, they are like the Nickelback of rap while these others are like some classic rock group that you like or something.
Bone thugs n harmony, alot of their songs from their third studio album, "The art of war" go well with the Priest, Paladin, and Death knight classes
Meek Mill
The old 50 cent
The Game
Tech N9ne
Jay Z
Kanye West
Jet Life
Dr. Dre
I don't really like the rappers from usa/uk

This guy however his got heart


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