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Tupac Shakur (my favourite artist of all time for many reasons)
Notorious B.I.G
Big L
Ice Cube
Warren G
Nate Dogg
N.W.A (best hip hop/rap group ever)
Snoop Doggy Dogg (his old songs)
Dr. Dre (his old songs)
MC Ren
Naughty by Nature
Ja Rule
Montell Jordan
Redhead Kingpin
50 Cent (his old songs)
I like Brother Ali and Aesop Rock, although honestly I haven't heard either of them for like 5 years. Music is dead right now and has been that way for a good 10 years. Top 40 Hip/Hop garbage has taken over and 99% of it involves no talent. Just a few mixers, some auto-tune and Talk Box and you have a hit record. What a joke... thanks RIAA.

Remember back when musicians knew how to play instruments?... Yeah me neither... been a while.
The Lost Children of Babylon
Big L
Big Pun
Biggie Smalls
Mobb Deep
Ice Cube
Meek Mill
Mook //BX HARLEM !!!!!!!!!
ps: LoL at digital underground

on my ipod :)
thank god I was born 1986 I stated listen to rap since 92 got way more involve around 98 Ruff ryders dmx jay-z Dre emiem hell even some old Down south music like cash money Three six mafia jij john masta p when 16-18 years old was more of 50 cent luda lil john and dipset fab cassidy J_hood etc 19-22 young jeezy and the whole Huston swish a house ugk 2007 i took a trip back went and got me alll the old school down south DJ screw stuff Three six etc. 2008 officer ricky and gucci mane oj the juice. 2009 more of gucci waka flame when lexluger and taybeats produce most of his beats back then 2010 was a mix 2011 to 2012 is like :( atm
Im suprised no one has mentioned:
Bone Thugs N Harmony
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien/Deltron 3030
Dr. Octagon/Kool Keith/Dr. Dooom
Aesop Rock
Shwayze !
techn9ne is pretty talented
bob has something special also
Charlie Scene, hands down.
The Roots
Public Enemy
Styles of Beyond, those guys are very underrated.
Old school, I listen to Dr. Dre and DMX.

For the new stuff, I enjoy Tyler the Creator.
Evil Batman (Mad Swan Bloods):

J Dilla
Beastie Boys
Deltron 3030
I'll admit, the only artist/group I've heard that aren't what the OP mentioned not counting (and even then I've never heard anything by Lil Wayne or Waka Flocka, and I'm sure everyone's heard that one damn song by Soulja Boy >.< - Seriously, it was played over a friggin PA at my cousins Elementary School during some summer special thing, and I sh** you not, little 6 year old girls were jumping around to that!), is Gang Starr.

They did some really good music in my opinion. The interesting thing though, it was GTA: San Andreas that got me into them.

I have heard a song or two by Eminem and ICP, but I'll admit, I don't like either.
Hopsin and Lupe Fiasco are both really good.
so today i found my dmx cd I bought 14 years ago
i been listing to this song all day to the point I got in contact with my old high school buddy it brings me so much. here is the song

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