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Please fix it! 3 days at 80 and I can't get started in Cata Vashir. Just shut it all down no matter how long it takes and fix it! Remove the useless crap you just installed (ie. Transmogrifier) that broke the ability to quest in Vashir and fix your game. Thank you for your consideration. ^_^
I'm having the same problem.

I sit at the dock for a handful of minutes, the recruits come and start their conversation, but each time it ends on "If you ask me, that beast is insane." Then all the NPCs vanish and 5-10 minutes later it all starts again just to stop mid-conversation. I cannot get on the boat if it doesn't come..........
Same thing happened to me, so I just flew to Vashir and started the quests. When I got to the All or Nothing quest another bug was found, making it impossible to complete the quest and shutting down the entire quest string. Of course I did not discover the bug until I had fought for 30 min with no end in sight, a quick Google search found that a bug was affecting everyone trying the quest. Very frustrating! Hope they fix so that I can continue the quest string and get the seahorse mount.
I have the same problem with the call of duty quest. Blizzard please fix this bug. its driving me insane.
I'm having this same problem on my ally alt. I just want to quest in Vashj'ir!!!!!!
12/06/2011 03:53 PMPosted by Asstailia
Thank you for your consideration. ^_^

Yes please fix it but I just love how polite you are when are going off on a rant about patch 4.3 . Made me Laugh!!
A fix is expected for these quests shortly. Please try it after today's rolling restarts.
12/08/2011 10:16 AMPosted by Raimondas
A fix is expected for these quests shortly. Please try it after today's rolling restarts.

Yep, the fix was just applied you should be able to do these quests.
It's almost like I can read minds!

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