<DMZ> 5/7 H FL 7/8 DS LF Priest healer / Mage

As the title states, we are after a priest healer - holy or disc or a Mage.

We are a pretty laid back guild and we like to progress.

PST Myself, Papanilth or Bigdadychops ingame or send us an in-game mail.
Subsequently contact a guild member who will be more than happy to help you.

Previous raid experience is preferred although if you can prove you don't herpderp during encounters then that's fine.

Look forward to possibly hearing from one of you out there.

Raid times are 7:30 -10:30 (Sydney Time) Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs.
what are the times/days?
Edited cheers
/bump still looking
!!!!Now Recruiting 2 Healers!!!! Druid or Priest, post if interested or whisper ingame :)
bumpitty bumpitty

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