LFD Tool Down?

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So whats up with it kicking people out every 2mins or so??? is there a fix coming? A Blue post would be awesome!
Yeah we were waiting for an hour and got booted.

Ha haaaa. Squeezin' my stress ball right now.
same problem. I queue, it thinks for a minute, then the icon unceremoniously goes away and im no longer in queue
Shoot, my group of 5 queues up and gets insta-kicked. Doesn't count for a minute or two, just BAM, no more queue.
Didn't they have LFD issues in 4.2 when that came out? I remember seeing LFD problems after a recent big patch. Maybe not quite like this, though.
looks like the instance servers are being overloaded.
11/29/2011 04:19 PMPosted by Bruel
we're either being stealth removed every few seconds, or it's not queuing us at all. ... ... ..

It may be the instance server going up and down, in which case that's why when you get put back in it says the queue time is under 2 minutes. If that's the case it kinda stinks more for the people already in the instances.

That said though, I really don't know. Please take what I say at face value only because I'm just speculating.
it would be awesome to get to try the new instances.....too bad i'm stuck sitting in org, trying to get into queue
Yeah we are trying to repeatedly queue as a group and getting no luck.

Any chance on a blue at least confirming that the instance servers are inactive?
11/29/2011 04:24 PMPosted by Hoofsoflight
it would be awesome to get to try the new instances.....too bad i'm stuck sitting in org, trying to get into queue

You could be like me, love. Stuck at work wishing I could log on to try it all out! XD
Same issue. I didn't notice this thread and made another
Nuuuuuu! I am just about to leave work for home :( I wants to dungeon all night D: I hope they fix it soon.
type /console reloadui and that will fix it.
Well at least I got to try 1 new Boss before the Queue system went Ka-blam >_<
Hope we all get some news soon on whats happening and what to expect with this.
Instance servers going up and down.
There's a known issue causing the LFG servers to crash, which is kicking people out of queue. A hotfix is already in production and we expect will be implemented this evening.

There's also an issue that's causing long queue times, and again a hotfix is in progress.
11/29/2011 04:34 PMPosted by Tevinter
type /console reloadui and that will fix it.

Sadly my fiance' and I both tried this and it seemed to work, then BAM! Kicked out of queue again. Don't know if it may help others though so worth a try.
Thanks for the heads up!

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