Where are Transmog vendors......

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I've been flying all over Cathedral Square for about 15 minutes now....where the heck are they?

How hard is it to just post a pic....very lazy 4.3...very very lazy.

No quest chain to introduce new 5 man either, no new dailies...sigh...we have a year wait till pandas...really Blizz....seriously...
Have you asked a guard?
you passed the test! YES! Excellent...

Im gonna go now...and oh....yes...Thank You :)

I still want dailies...or something...like anything
besides transmog all this patch has is dungeons and raids. Sorry, know how you feel.
The new dailies are in the new Darkmoon Faire. Can't access them until next week.

I think it's a little strange to continue the whole Darkmoon Faire being one week outta the month when they have their own island now, it's not like it takes them time to travel anymore, and I can't think of any other reason they'd be 'closed' for the rest of the month.

As a clarification though, I am excited for it, the new stuff looks really cool.

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