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I had a shadow priest parked at 70 in preparation for the changes 4.3 was to bring to required XP and dungeon quests. So far, I'm VERY pleased with the changes.

That said, as a DPS, I pre-queued for a couple dungeons in preparation for a level up to be eligible for the quests inside. Both times that I leveled up while in queue, I was removed from DF without notice. IIRC, this occurred leveling from 71-72 while in queue for AN and leveling from 74-75 while in queue for VH. I don't know if this is intended or if it's limited to northrend/70s bracket. But thought I'd bring it up.
Happened to me too. I don't remember this being the case ever. Really annoying, frankly.
Its happening on my alts as well. Every time I level up, I'm removed from the dungeon queue and I have to requeue. Its incredibly annoying as at low levels you level up fairly fast and constantly getting removed gets tedious.
Just came on here to report this same bug, thought I'd add it here rather than start a new thread.

Have been leveling a new rogue - every so often I would find that I was no longer queued in the RDF. Took me a while to narrow down what was causing it, but I've been deliberately queuing just before dinging when I can and can confirm that it's levelling up that's causing me to be kicked out of the queue.

Really, really annoying.
Yer, my friend and I were questing together on some new characters... it's been very difficult to join a dungeon at 15. If either of us leveled, that person was instantly removed from queue, and the other was not.

As mentioned, very annoying. Just posting to bump this issue.
This issue is still going on. I've been kicked numerous time without notification.
It's always happened, it makes sense if you think about the level requirements for dungeons. Sign up for some, ding, suddenly you're out of the level range of that dungeon.
This new bug is not caused by being too high or low a level for the dungeon requirement from my experience. Both my husband and I have been having this issue on our new alts. I came here to see if it was a known issue and what was cause one of us to continually get kicked out of queue. At first I though it might had been a real ID issue as my husband had invited me to the party via real ID. However after being invited to group via character name and still getting kicked from the queue I knew this was not the case. Now to give some credence to the you are to high a lv to enter the dungeon. My character was already lv 41 and my husbands character was lv 40. We queued for a random dungeon and he had not invited me via Real ID which I though may have been the issue. He levelled up and got kicked from the queue. As we were both lv 41 at this point it would have been impossible for him to be out of the level range and not I. We have not tried queueing for specific dungeons to see if that works.
This has also been happening to my husbamd and I for the past three days. We were wondering why it kept kicking us and having read here, I also belive it has to do with something about leveling. Very frustratubg when you're trying to level together and can't get into dugeons.
12/29/2011 12:28 AMPosted by Milkros
It's always happened
No it has not. This didn't start happening to anyone until after the release of patch 4.3. However, being removed from a BG queue after leveling has been happening since before even patch 4.2.
I have been having the same problem and its incredibly annoying when you have been in queue for 30 minutes already and then you level and have to wait in again.
12/30/2011 06:48 PMPosted by Retsteel
Actually it's been happening to me since the LFG tool first came out in late BC.
The LFG tool as in RDF if that is what you're refering to did not come out in late BC. It came out late WotLK. I have leveled many times while in the RDF queue and was not kicked from the queue. This only started happening to me after patch 4.3 was released. The same can be said for battlegrounds, only it didn't start happening to me until some time after 4.2.
This happened to my toon, Mahapa, yesterday, when leveling from 74 to 75. As soon as she gained a level, she was kicked out of the dungeon finder queue.
Please fix this. :(
Happnening to me as well, very irritating.
I talked to a GM about this today and the answer that was given does not make me happy with blizzard.
GM: I apologize for any inconvience you may have been caused, but this is working as intended. Anytime you gain a level you will be removed from the dungeon queue or if you happen to be queued for a battleground, you would be removed from queue as well.

Me: u want people to wait 15 min and then lvl, be removed and have to requeue?

GM: This is a more common issue at lower levels because you level so fast now, as you get higher level you should see this happen a lot less.

Me: when u have BoAs, and guild perks or a recruit-a-friend its going to happen higher too. Higher lvl also tend to have higher queue times.

GM: If you keep running into this issue you might want to start looking for groups to run the dungeon you want, the go to the dungeon so you don't have to worry about being removed from queue. Again I do apologize that this keeps happening.

Personally I thought the dungeon finder was there so we didn't have to look in trade or wait for your guild to do dungeons.
I'm bumping this, because I think this is stupid and annoying as hell.
12/30/2011 06:48 PMPosted by Retsteel
No it has not. This didn't start happening to anyone until after the release of patch 4.3. However, being removed from a BG queue after leveling has been happening since before even patch 4.2.

Actually it's been happening to me since the LFG tool first came out in late BC. It was very frustrating to me at first, but I then realized as the above poster pointed out, it's to prevent being put into an instance/battleground that you shouldn't be in. I actually tested it to the extreme a few days ago on my alt rogue. I knew he was going to ding 20 after the next mob kill, so I joined wsg queue. It popped up, so I killed a mob, dinged 20, and bam, booted out of bg queue even though it wanted me to join. So it is definitely done intentionally to prevent out-leveling the queue you're in.
QFT. This is NOT a bug over a intended mechanic. A change to this mechanic could very well as quoted put, let you be in bg's/instances you shouldn't be.

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