Fl nerfed again?

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All of the initial Heroic Ragnaros kills used this tactic and it became the standard way of doing the fight.

We could have increased the detection radius that triggered Geyser, but in general we try to avoid enacting changes that make an encounter more difficult once that fight has already been defeated.

Question: Why not increase the detection radius as soon as you saw the top guilds adopting this strat (i.e. before he was killed)? I have to believe you guys witnessed or at least knew what was happening before the boss died, so why not address it then?

It's always been more or less random.

I dont recall him ever doing 4 world in flames the first time before 4.3.

Most of the time he would cast 3, but you occasionally saw a 4th animation start. We had a few wipes because he'd cast a 4th one in the melee zone along with smash and people derped. The 4th one actually didn't finish it's animation though, it just pulsed and then never blew up, so you could just stand in it and be fine.
Just nerf the mount drop rate. That way the few who did get it during its more difficult times can ride it with pride. Otherwise nerfing outdated content, while of course disappointing for those who put in 200+ attempts pre-nerf, should be expected. Didn't expect the nerfed mechanic to be geyser though, as it pretty much nullifies almost any need for a strategy in ph 4. Stack, dps, trap, stack, dps...gratz firelords.
Just nerf the mount drop rate. That way the few who did get it during its more difficult times can ride it with pride.

Yes, nerfing the mount drop rate for the 25-mans who've been farming the mount but haven't gotten around to giving it to their entire roster yet because it takes 30 weeks sounds like a GREAT IDEA.

Fun Facts:

Phase 1 is the same, however we found oddly, that raid DPS was ~2-3% lower as a function of time (which lead to an additional trap), which we really didn't understand. This DPS fall off is not reflected elsewhere in the encounter and is unique to P1. Don't ask why.

Couldn't that just be comp changes? Mages switching to fire for instance would presumably have less burn in P1, so yield a slower P1, while doing better/equal DPS in other phases. I realized that everyone's average DPS likely went up which should keep the rest of the phases the same, but arcane initial burn is extremely high, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's still noticeable at the start of the fight.
So we managed a 9:32 kill on 25H Rag (40s faster than previous best, which was ranked fastest on WoL), P4 was quite hilariously stupid now. It's like a target dummy with fire.

It was funny in our alt run when Rag did 2 World in Flames then Smash, then decided to do the 3rd WiF and 20 people died :)

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