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haha it's highschool all over again
I think this is contributing to the Winter Veil outfits looking... Somewhat see-through on certain female toons, as if they weren't sexist enough already.
I don't just see this on my toons, I see it on EVERY toon that walks around me.
On my servers I don't even want to play anymore thanks to this bug. It's so disturbing. Wish that "swift and proper resolution" was a little more swift. lol As if the majority of the female toons in Silvermoon don't already look trampy enough without this bug. *sigh* Don't get me wrong. I love my server. Wait-perhaps it's just a hint from Blizz that we need to be a bit more modest? :]
I've noticed it on all my toons, but this is the character that it's most obvious on.


11/30/2011 01:57 PMPosted by Toxarís
With all the new mog looks the bras on females are not hiding like they did before. Before the patch I would put on any gear in the game and the bra would disappear, now it stays straps and all and it looks tacky. Ruins the look of mog sets.

This is working as intended. Why complain if there is more boobs?

Edit: Poster must obv be female, and all this cleavage posting is making my nip nips hard.
12/13/2011 02:33 PMPosted by Sabresa
agree. this is very annoying and tacky looking. please fix soon bliz

lol look @ this heifers RACK, omg. ->http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/shadow-council/Sabresa/simple

shes a QT
Would it kill them to fix this already? It's getting to the point of being obnoxious. (not even getting into the language filter issue)
PLEASE fix this! I can't take this bug anymore it's driving me up a wall! It totally ruined the winter outfits. Do you know the pain of seeing goblin bras everywhere you look??
Same issue for my toons. All underwear showing where it shouldn't. I did a transmorg to robes of insight and the back should only show a strap across the back but the night elf brown undies show also. Any clue on a fix?
Is it only with mog-gear that you're seeing this bug? Or does it do it with the original pieces as well?
Original as well
I have the same problem with my Draenei and i see her bra but on my husbands monitor its not there... Puzzling
Have you guys played around with the video options? I got a new video card recently, and I was adjusting video settings--I noticed every time I'd change a setting that would require the screen to reload so to speak (go black for a moment), the bra would show up on my character until I changed zones.

During normal gameplay I never see the default bra under her armor--only if I change a video setting and the screen reloads then it shows up.
It looks like they're working on this and know about it, so I'm glad to hear that at the least. Maybe 4.3.2 will be the fix (supposed to be a minor patch to fix bugs and such.)
I would like to mention that it's not just gear that has been transmoged that has bras showing through the armor.

I put on my NON TRANSMOGED Venomshroud Silk Robes that I had been wearing with out issue before the patch and now my bra shows on the front and back.

This is extremely frustrating for those of us that role play and like our characters to have a particular look. No, it's not just the risqué stuff either, any thing with a wide neck line like Apprentice's Robe shows straps.
Still having this issue as well, as mentioned in another post about it. Account wide, all toons, any server.. Doesn't matter if they're transmogged or not.. Please fix, Blizz!
I feel your pain x_x I even re-installed WoW to no sucess
This bug happens with Harness of the Deep Currents and I would assume the original peice this is a recolor of from the Ten Storms T2 set. It look normal in the armory but in game her bra shows under her arm. This happen on both my Goblin and my Draenei.

Those having this trouble what is you video card?

Mine is a radeon 4350.

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