My druid is dead to me.

The little things are why I play, one massive thing in particular that kept me playing a druid for so long was the momentum speed after removing flight form. For years, I've practiced and perfected things like flying into Stormwind, unshifting and landing exactly where I want...

It was easily one of the most fun things for me in game, I would fly around jumping, shifting and unshifting.

Now it's gone and my druid moves down to last slot on my character selection screen.
That seems like a strange and slightly pedantic reason to quit your Druid. If that's the only thing that kept you playing it, maybe you should find another main. I for one love my Druid and am happy to call it my main.

don't let the door hi.... SLAM!

i mean, yea, it's a bummer. i loved using momentum to do all kinds of stupid druid tricks too. but to shelve your druid over it? that's even dumber then the "no perm tree form I QUIT" crowd.
Aren't you being a tad over-dramatic? I mean this would seem justified if they took away our ability to pop out of flight form and then back into it mid flight. But really now we are just slightly less awesome cannonballs. Its a little less fun sure, but I wasn't playing my druid just to fling through the air, that was just a little perk.

And just so you know there was a reason. Flight form got "nerfed" in a change to momentum when flying meant to keep things like shamans from being able to TS people off of DR and them flying off the cliff. It was a good change for everyone who wasn't druids or shamans. Unfortunately the pvp fix happened to affect our flight form. Really, its nothing to get worked up about.
A true druid wouldnt quit over a such a thing, besides they may revert this, it was an unexpected change when they were fixing charge jumping
It wasn't yanked away for no reason. It was due to a change in the mechanics of movement speed. Yes, Druids lost our Swift Flight Form > Caster Form cannon, but EVERY class gained something when swimming. Plus the TS Cliff thing too.

Also, if this was the ONLY reason you played your Druid, and you quit because of it, then you shouldn't even be postin here, because that is the most retarded lame-!@# reason ever for quiting a class.

If you don't want to be a Druid because of this change, leave the Druid Forums, you aren't accomplishing anything at all with this thread, other than making yourself look dumb.
I've been a druid longer than it would seem most of you. Since our 31 point feral talent was natures swiftness (if you get that joke).

doubt it.

and NS was a 21pt talent, part of the lovely 0/30/21 build, which i ran with for years. 'course, i was feral even before that (pre 1.8) when a "feral" build was something like 8/22/21 or the swiftshifting build.

i was also one of the first bear tanks in game to tank anything of note, and am probably the oldest bear druid still playing.

the change sucks for flight form shenanigans. i don't like it.

but quit my druid over it? you've got to be kidding me.
Anyone that hung in during the shape-shifting experiment will take this in stride as an "eh, wish they left it alone,but..."
Really that is the thing that broke the toon for you? there are many more things that are wrong... They need to really look at the feral druid I mean no one plays them unless they are pvPers why is that? Cause they can not balence them for PvE and PvP. or they add fight macanics that totaly ruin being able to play. so get a real complaint and quit QQ'n about flight form we where lucky to be able to do as much as we could for as long as we could in it..
wait... something changed with flight form? I didn't even notice.

If something that irrelevant is enough to make you quit, I'm glad to see you leave. Less tears to drown in.
I've been a druid longer than it would seem most of you. Since our 31 point feral talent was natures swiftness (if you get that joke).

It's a massive change if since TBC, you've been zipping around. Several years just to have something yanked away for seemingly no reason.

How about for the rest of the day you use the opposite hand to write with.

!@#$ off with that don't let the door hit you %^-*.

I'll take that challenge. I rolled this guy to start playing feral with my current guild (my old one toyed with feral but the "hardcore" guild I was with wanted my innervates and I can't point to specific dates), and has me level 9 in November 2005 (Blackhand later got free transfers to Baelgun). Post on YOUR druid.

The good news is that thanks to the change, the door won't hit your !@# on the way out because the floor will hit it first.
You mean people actually fly out in the world instead of sitting in sw/org waiting for a queue? Wonders never cease...

Seriously, the only time I ever popped out of flight form in flight was to lose a lot of altitude really fast when I was out doing archeology or something. I never thought of the falling across the screen at warp speed as a perk...usually it just caused me to over-shoot my dig

Flight form is still the best "mount" in game. Now if they ever remove the instant cast part of it...then you might hear me scream bloody murder.
12/01/2011 12:16 AMPosted by Sehria
Flight form is still the best "mount" in game. Now if they ever remove the instant cast part of it...then you might hear me scream bloody murder.

this. - the might part.
I've played my druid since I started playing WoW at release. If you're going to quit over something as little as the flight form momentum being removed... eesh.

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