Magistrike arc

Am i the only shadow priest having this proc at all vs mannoroth?
I'm aware of how you get the Buff to trigger. But as a shadow for this fight i cannot get the damn thing to proc at all.
I think it's all rng, because on one fight I was doing 120k and then another fight I was down to 50k.

You are probably just getting really unlucky.
i dunno, with my pally i tend to do around 50-60k, but on my lock as destro i regularly break 160k, even hit 220k one night
I had a theory that maybe the proc is ranged based. I seemed to only hit about 40k dps while standing at ranged, but tonight I stood in with the melee and broke 120k. So all you ranged, don't be shy, get in there on the boss' toes.

Sometimes ill pull 170k+ on mannaroth, sometimes barely break 90k. What matters is the 35-40k i smash into varo'then :D
As an assassination rogue, I routinely break 200k and nearly always spike to about 270k at some point during that fight. I know that the Arc procs off of all damage done, but there may be a difference in proc chances based on the source of the damage... i.e. dots versus direct, etc. The Arc seems to have about a 3 second cooldown before it will proc again based on my combat logs.

I've noticed an unusual pattern in that I always soundly beat out casters for damage, and the only competition I have for top damage comes from DKs and warriors. Why that is, I do not know. I've never done that particular fight on anything but this character, so I don't have a reference on damage rankings when a rogue isn't present. It's also possible that the Arc is a party-wide proc cooling down between all members and whoever gets the Arc to proc gets the credit. That might explain some of the disparity between damage numbers from one run to the next.

Just some things that I've noticed...fwiw.
I hit 220k the other day and was like omg I wish I did this much on madness of deathwing on 10m
Anyone can proc it but after it gets procced NO ONE can proc it again for 2/3 seconds. So basically one person can suck up all the procs and leave everyone else with none. Usually DW classes should get the most unless someone's rotation lines up with the cooldown.
My mage, ele shammy, and hunter always - ALWAYS - do quite poorly in this fight. I almost never go beyond a single-digit count of Magistrike Arc. However, two of my friends - a assassination rogue and a destruction lock - almost always do really well. (The lock does phenomenally well, consistently breaking triple-digit DPS.) I (as my mage) will quite often one of the top DPS/total damage leaders until the Mannoroth fight. At that point, I'll almost immediately drop to third (or sometimes fourth!) place. ALWAYS.

I do not believe that all classes/specs are treated equally when it comes to this debuff; considering how many times I've completed this encounter - how many times we all have! - the benefactor(s) of the Magistrike Arc proc can't be "pure RNG" nor the simple luck of sync'ing one's DPS rotation with the sword's proc.
03/23/2012 03:06 PMPosted by Voch
I do not believe that all classes/specs are treated equally when it comes to this debuff

I fully agree with Voch. It is exactly what happens to my mage during the mannoroth encounter, even if I had picked up the sword from Varo'than. However my warlock does fenomenally well, as he also pointed out.
The more abilities on Mannoroth that cause damage, the higher your chances are of proccing that buff.

Arcane Magi get shafted, Hunters should have no problems if they are using their traps and stings, and Ele Shams can always swap out to Searing Totem, other than that the only other DoT they have is Flame Shock.

Yes this fight benefits DoT classes and fast hitting classes, is it fair? In small scale, no, but in large scale, yes it is. The DoT classes hit pathetically low on most trash fights mainly due to the nuke classes (ie: Arcane Mage, Ele Sham) downing mobs too fast for them to get off their rotations.

Also, RNG is RNG.

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