389 ele Sham LFG 6/7h prenerf 4/8DS

Just like the title says.

I am looking for a new home, 389 elemental shaman/offspec resto 384 with 6/7HM, with Glory of Firelands Raider Achievement earned in September, and already 4/8 ds experience. Did the DS fights on the PTR, as well as watched videos and know all the fights very well. Just a little about me I am 24 years old, work overnights and live on the east coast so I am mostly looking for an east coast raiding guild that is focused on semi-hardcore progression.

Raid Times Available: These are Strict because of my overnight work schedule.
Monday: 615-10pm EST
Tuesday: 615-10pm EST
Wednesday: 615-10pm EST
Thursday: 615-10pm EST
Friday: 615-10pm EST
Saturday: 615-10pm EST
Sunday: 615-10pm EST

Past EXP:
ICC 10/25 12/12HM 11/12HM respectively
T11: 10/13
T12: 6/7 HM

real id is xmarcuswildx@mail.com if you are interested in speaking to me. i am usually available pretty much all night because most of the time I am logged in while I am at work.


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